Stop Dreaming!

In today’s globalism and more than ever interconnected domains of our daily lives, for whoever wants to prosper, having the most appropriate Public Affairs & Communication Strategy is now vital. Public, private, corporate or institutional entities are no exceptions.

Public policies and regulatory environment are more complex than ever and in a world where instantaneous communications can turn any minor issues into major problems, success in any field of activity, whatever the product, the service, the cause, the ideology or idea, is nothing else and everything about designing the most appropriate strategy to sell, move and promote. Empowering yourself is no exception.

An accomplished Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, with his unmatched insight and understanding of how government works and his deep industry and political sector experience Michel Ouellette JMD can put yourself and your organization on a solid reputational and presentational footing to provide you with the necessary peace of mind that will help you achieve your goals.


Michel  is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations. 

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  1. Michel , want to say a great looking blog, especially the meaning of the image at header..great thought. thanks for sharing.

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