Will earth population expire by 2050?

The world is now, a ticking time bomb!

Our planet is running out of resources.

The human race is plundering the planet at a pace that outstrips its capacity to support life. More than a third of the natural world has been destroyed by humans over the past three decades. Either consumption rates are dramatically and rapidly lowered or the planet will no longer be able to sustain its growing population. Seas will become emptied of fish, forests will be completely destroyed and freshwater supplies will become scarce and polluted. It is not just humans who are at risk. It seems things are getting worse faster than possibly ever before. Never has one single species had such an overwhelming influence on all other species.

Figures from the recent statistics reveal that black rhino numbers have fallen from 65,000 in 1970 to around 3,100 now, that numbers of African elephants have fallen from around 1.2 million in 1980 to just over half a million while the population of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent during the past century. Figures from recent statistics also reveal that the UK’s birdsong population has also seen a drastic fall with the corn bunting population declining by 92 per cent between 1970 and 2000, the tree sparrow by 90 per cent and the spotted flycatcher by 70 per cent. Experts, however, say it is difficult to ascertain how many species have already vanished from the face of the earth because a species has to disappear for 50 years before it can be declared extinct.

The wasteful lifestyles of the rich nations are mainly responsible for the exploitation and depletion of natural wealth. Human consumption has doubled over the last 30 years and continues to accelerate by 1.5 per cent a year. If all the people of the earth were to consume natural resources at the same rate as the average US and UK citizen, by 2050 we would require at least two extra planets like Earth only to survive.

We are now entering uncharted territory and there will have to be concessions from the richer nations to the poorer ones or there will be fireworks.

The world is now, a ticking time bomb!


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