History repeating itself: A year after Mubarak’s ouster, many Egyptians still angry

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Things never change!

CAIRO – Egyptian activists vowed to flood Tahrir Square and cripple the country with a strike this weekend, saying that one year after forcing a dictator from power their revolution is far from complete.

Egypt’s economy has suffered since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster: Foreign investment has dried up and tourists are staying away. The once-banned Muslim Brotherhood which won almost half of the seats in parliament in recent elections promised to improve things by ending corruption, but little has changed.

“President Mubarak was very bad,” says taxi driver Redah Mohamed Abdella, 47, a father of four whose daily pay dropped from $25 before the revolution to $5 now.

While Egypt’s new political elite, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party cooperate with the country’s ruling military council, and revolutionaries plot disruption, “Ordinary Egyptians like me are suffering”.

“Everyone has an eye on power,” he says.


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