2020: Generation X will be reshaping global politics

Debt is slavery

With the last of the Silent Generation passing away, and the Baby Boomers waning in their influence the new decade will see a fresh generation of leaders and decision-makers emerging on the world stage. The so-called “Generation X” will come into power.

Born between the late 1960s and early 1980s, more heterogeneous than the earlier generations, more diverse in race, class, culture and ethnicity, with less respect for rules, authority and established policies, they will be more liberal and progressive than their parents and much less likely to be religious. For most or all of their lives, they have grown up surrounded by computers, making them savvy and comfortable with technology, more flexible and open to new ideas. They will have more respect for the environment and will be more likely to believe in science than religion.

Angry at the social, political and economic legacy bequeathed to them, they will use their newly acquired and newfound power to build a totally different kind of world. They will no longer be bowing to the demands of the Baby Boomers and they will not let the Millennial Generation get a free ride when it will come to paying their fair share. From 2020 onwards, there will be is a shift of money and resources away from senior citizens and towards those in their middle years.

Property and inheritance laws, pensions, retirement plans and a number of elderly benefits will undergo significant changes as Gen-Xers will work to stem the gap between themselves and their parents. Banks and financial institutions will be reformed to focus on long-term accountability, rather than short-term profits and risk-taking.

Employees will gain more rights, freedoms and flexibility in the workplace while social medias will continue to drive the spread of democracy around the world.


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