The future of Religion

“God won’t go away.”

Religious and spiritual experiences being part of humanity’s genetic heritage, both social scientists and philosophers need to realize that God will never go away and even though many insist that they are the recipients of a final revelation, when we think about the future of religion, we have to assume that religious institutions and ideas are can change. Religions of the future need to be socially relevant and liberating, opposing tyranny and social injustice. They need to afford opportunities for sharing, compassion and peacemaking.

We are at a phase of human development where we have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge through scientific research in the material world. Accordingly, religions of the future need to work with science and not in opposition to the scientific method, scientifically gathered data, and scientifically conceived theories.

This is important knowledge that must be integrated in all form of religions and religious beliefs and for the future, the only Religion that will survive will be the one that will extend its beliefs toward our natural environment, a resource that is threatened by global warming, pollution, desertification, and the destruction of the rain forests.

Don’t wait for God to save the planet. It will never happen.

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