Toward Global Unity?

Imagine Global Unity!


For untold ages humankind has dreamed and foretold of its eventual unification in a state of global unity. From Albert Eisenstein to Aristotle the greatest intellectuals among us of realized the need for this alternative to mankind’s present anarchic nation-state relations. Why must this remain a theory?

Today, it is only common sense for everyone, for every nation, for all the people on earth to call for a global recognition of their rights and freedoms, and their stringent enforcement. The need for a global governance system has never been greater, nor the means to accomplish it easier. A global generation exists more familiar culturally and socially to one another across nations than to previous generations. Global youth unemployment and worldwide economic stagnation and environmental degradation have already forced upon this generation the need to work together intimately, globally, consistently or face a decline into extinction. If humanity cannot unite, then it is not fit to survive, but many know it is fit, it is ready: the 21st century will be defined by the rise of supra-nationalism.

While each country is now dealing with civil and economic crisis that have trickled down in the form of austerity measures by all governments, world citizens are fighting within the ideological boundaries of national sovereignty. There have been millenniums of talks on this issue: the time has come for action, for change, for the realization and creation of a Universal Global Planetary Party by practical day-to-day action.

From all these conflicts and revolutions that we see now around the world, a Global Social Universal Planetary Federation of people and nations, that is neutral non-partisan, shall rise to advocate and create these institutions in a grassroots and truly global manner.

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