The Syrian Constitution Referendum

The New Syrian Constitution: A mere licence to kill!


While Bashar al-Assad’s artillery is pounding rebel-held areas of Homs as President Bashar Al-Assad’s government announced that voters had overwhelmingly approved the new Syrian Constitution. While 42.6 percent of the Syrian population is still subject to repression, murder and rape, Bashar Al-Assad just voted himself a licence to kill.

Assad says he is fighting foreign-backed “armed terrorist groups” and his main allies – Russia, China and Iran – fiercely oppose any outside intervention intended to add him to the list of Arab autocrats unseated by popular revolts in the past year.

The reformed constitution, which could keep Assad in power until 2028, had received 89.4 percent approval from more than 8 million voters representing a mere 57.4 percent of the Syrian electorate.

What about a sniper as the final solution?

Just asking!

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