Syria: Kofi Annan’s Wishful Thinking

Kofi Annan - Former Secretary General of the United Nations

Syria – With the fighting now raging in the northern region of Idlib, in an attempt to stop the ongoing carnage, United Nations envoy, Kofi Annan, is meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to mediate an end to the country’s yearlong conflict.

Today, in negotiations aimed at pushing the Syrian leader to order a ceasefire and begin talks with the opposition, former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan met with al-Assad in Damascus but no signs of progress were evident on the streets where security forces continued to kill with impunity.

Al-Assad told Annan that “any political dialogue or action cannot take place or succeed if there are terrorist armed gangs on the ground that are working on spreading chaos and target the stability of the homeland”.

While the two men spoke, hundreds, if not thousands of Syrians, mostly civilians were still dying in villages, towns and cities across the nation.

Again, what about the one bullet solution?


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