Bashar al-Assad’s Licence to Kill Must Be Withdrawn

“We urge the world to revoke Assad’s licence to kill”

Splits among the international community have provided the al-Assad government with a licence to kill. This licence must be withdrawn. The Assad government’s continued use of lethal force against its people is among the worst cases of deliberate violence against a civilian population that we have seen in recent years. There can be no excuse for such actions under any circumstances. In light of the heavy shelling of civilian areas and increasing casualties among women and children, we reiterate the fact that crimes against humanity have been committed and that All Mighty Bashar al-Assad and his accomplices must be stopped. The current impasse in international diplomatic strategy is leading us nowhere. To break the stalemate, we must see Russia, China and Israel brought to justice alongside Bashar al-Assad and all other international partners that are supporting him.

We, urge the Russian government to stop selling arms to al-Assad governments and to join collective efforts to bring a swift end to the conflict and restore peace and stability to Syria and its surrounding region. While we understand that there is no easy way out of this crisis for the United Nations Security Council, let it be known that there is a moral obligation to bridge the current impasse that lies with the members of the Security Council. Let there be no mistake, the credibility and international standing of anyone, any organization and nation standing idle or supportive in the face of the avoidable tragedy unfolding in Syria will be severely damaged for the future.

On the anniversary of Syria’s uprising, remember the thousands of lives lost in their pursuit of a more just and hopeful future. It is the responsibility of us all to prevent the potential deaths of thousands more men, women and children who so desperately need our help.


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