Bashar Al-Assad Email Near-Naked Mystery [Woman]

Mystery surrounds a photograph of a near-naked [woman] posing provocatively that was sent to Bashar Al-Assad’s personal email account

DAMASCUS- On December 11 last year, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was sent, on his personal email account, a photograph of a near-naked [woman] posing provocatively, it has been revealed. This account appears to have been set up on December 1 last year and as an apparent test an email was sent to Bashar Al-Assad’s address saying simply “Hi”. Around 18 minutes later he replied “Hi and a half”.

Over several weeks, the exchange becomes more flirtatious as they swapped romantic music by the popular Lebanese singer Fairuz and at one point he appears to send [her] a gift certificate. On January 17, Bashar Al-Assad received an email from the second account with a single Arabic character meaning “I love you” and on January 25 another email contains only an x, the popular sign for a kiss.

The original undated picture shows the [woman], clad only in white lingerie, pressing [herself] against a wall as [her] clothes lie discarded in a heap at [her] feet. The picture was discovered among thousands of emails from the personal accounts of the Syrian president and his wife after their passwords were smuggled out of Damascus by opposition groups.

The photograph was sent to Bashar Al-Assad on December 11 last year by a [woman] who is not his wife and contains no words and it is not known who the [woman] in the photograph is. Members of the Syrian opposition believe the [woman] may also have a second email address under a false name which [she] used to send Bashar Al-Assad more intimate messages.

While there is [not yet] direct evidence of an [inappropriate] sexual relationship, the revelation could prove to be [highly questionable] and highly damaging for Bashar Al-Assad, who has sought to present a united front with his British-born wife, Asma al-Assad, in the face of growing international isolation.

The latest message discovered in Bashar al-Assad‘s email account could throw up awkward questions for Syria‘s president from his British-born wife Asma. On December 28, the [woman] wrote to him, “If we are strong together, we will overcome this together…I love you”. Who wrote this latest message; Asma or the unknown alleged [woman]?

We haven’t seen [her] face yet!

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