What is the best font for your website?

Simple and Large

Be careful, Size is often more important than style

If you are an artist, you probably focus on fancy fonts and how your website looks. But, if you are running a business, what you really want is a font that looks great and performs well. Even though I prefer Cambria, Arial, Helvetica and Verdana are still the best fonts to use. They are free, mostly come standard, very legible at small sizes and visually similar in appearance and spacing. With these fonts, – this is not a guarantee – you may trust that your layout will look relatively similar from one platform or browser to another.

No matter which font you decide to choose, the size is critical. Studies show that a primary reason people will distrust your website is your font size. If the font is too small, people will tend to believe that either the information is not reliable or is to complex, that it will take an eternity to read it and they go to your competitor’s website easier to read. Today, too many people still use a size 12 font for their content. I used to do it all the time and that was and still is a huge mistake. Small fonts hurt conversion rates and usability. I now use a size 14 font.

If you want to go bigger, a size 16 font would probably do the trick on most platform and browser.





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