How much money is enough not to be homeless?

My name is not Misha Barton but I can’t pay my rent anymore

Everywhere in the world, middle-class families continued to suffer in the aftermath of the Great Recession and even today, with a full-time job, many still cannot afford to pay their rent.  All over the world, income inequality is now widening. While the poor are not getting any poorer, – this could not be possible – the rich are getting richer and those in the middle classes are the ones pinched really hard. Numbers of them are now on the verge of poverty or joining the ranks of the already poor.

A lot of this increase in inequality is driven by changes initiated at the very top of the alimentary chain. The small fish is too small to be eaten by the big fish and the medium size fish, while too small to defend himself, is still too big to hide. This is what is called the squeeze in the middle position, the position where the lower-middle class is always whacked.If your government doesn’t hit you, don’t worry, your employer will.

Some groups are even hit harder than others. Those ages 35 to 44 and 55 to 64 are now suffering a severe drop in income and many of them now have to find either a second job or come out retirement working full-time only to pay the rent.


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