Arsh Hole Al-Assad strikes again!

 “ … and may a camel jump your wife, your daughter, your mother and your sister”

JMD — Bashar al-Assad scotched any suggestion he might flee Syria and warned that any Western military intervention to topple him would have catastrophic consequences for the Middle East and beyond, that the cost of such action would be unbearable.

“I think that the cost of a foreign invasion of Syria, if it happens, would be bigger than the entire world can bear … This will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific”.

“I do not believe the West is heading in this direction, but if they do, nobody can tell what will happen afterwards.”

“I am tougher than Gaddafi… I will live and die in Syria.”

Yes indeed Bashar,that is exactly where you are to die and hopefully sooner than later and may a camel jump your wife!



Note: The remarks were published in Arabic on Russia Today’s web site before being reported. It was not clear when Assad gave the interview.



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