Transactional management is out of style!

No more so-called experts!

The Business World is now in a major transition phase.

We are now moving from a transactional management to a transformative management style where people are no longer told what to do and how to do it. In the coming years everybody without exception will be paid for performance. People will be told what is expected from them, what are the expected end results and will be asked to communicate and empower themselves accordingly.

In the coming years, skills, knowledge and experience will no longer be the main decisive hiring factors. Good creative people with potential will be the deciding factor. People will no longer be paid for what they know, they will be paid and rewarded what they bring to the business.

You want your business to be successful tomorrow! As a manager, stop pretending you know everything about anything. Look for some creative employees that you can trust and let them empower themselves. Stop dictating what is to be done and how it is to be done. Walk around the office, around the shop, listen, engage in conversation and help your people implement new ideas.

You want to maintain the competitive edge! Choose good people, great people with a creative mind and potential and get out of the way. Recruit only players who will go the extra mile and stop investing in new technologies. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, new technologies will always be obsolete. Good people with a great mind will always be people with a great mind.

Invest in people that can do the job and let them do the job.



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