Blogging 101

Blogging is not for everyone!

Unfortunately, successful blogging is not easy and not for everyone. Building a successful blog is not the easiest process. It is a long process that requires a lot of work, thinking and planning.

Blogging is everything about branding and nothing different from marketing. Like for every successful marketing campaign, a successful blog shall be unique and demonstrate creativity through careful planning. Carefulness and attention to details is of utmost importance and if not done properly, all your efforts will be absolutely for nothing.

The first thing you want to do is to clearly define your overall goal. Then, you have to define your prospective audience accordingly. I would suggest starting with a spreadsheet where you can drop in all of the possible variables. This spreadsheet will be your “media
list” where you will keep track of all your activities, contacts information and results.

Build your spreadsheet according to the existing possible competition. Before even creating your blog, you need to know what the competition looks like. Is there any other similar blog out there? Is it successful? Which other blogs most closely align with your overall goal? What can you do differently and better to differentiate from the competition?

Now that you have collected all this information about the competition: their post frequency, their audience engagement, their potential reach, their relevance, it is completely up to you to use it or not at your advantage. How you do it will depend on your own specifics goals.

Finally, I strongly suggest that you keep a close eye on the following metrics to evaluate your overall performance: traffic increase; increase in Twitter followers and Facebook fans; total amount of RSS subscribers and above everything else, your SEO ranking compare to the competition.

From there use your best judgment.


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