New U.N. “Low” Population Projection for 2050


United Nations Population Division

UNITED NATIONSIn a report released a few weeks ago, the United Nations Population Division slightly increased the projection usually used to forecast the size of the human population, predicting a world with 9.2 billion people by mid-century, up from nearly 6.8 billion today.

According to the report, in its low population estimate, nearly 8 billion people are to be expected on Earth by 2050. The high projection, however, foresees some 10.5 billion people; the medium projection being 9.2 billion people, all the growth coming from developing countries, developed countries having now largely painted themselves into a corner. In the near future, however, families in wealthier countries may decide to prolong or reconsider having children due to the economic recession.

According to the United Nations Population Division, for the next forty years, the overall world’s population growth is inevitable. As a result, natural resources such as fossil fuels, timber, minerals, and water will likely be severely depleted in many regions. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report, feeding the world’s expanding population will increase water demand by 70 to 90 percent in 2050. Population growth will also compounds global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss.

Wake up everyone, this is less than forty years from now.

It is now, time to act!


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