World’s cost of living 2013


Tokyo, the most expensive city of the world

TOKYO – After currency swings pushed Zurich to the top of the ranking last year, Tokyo has resumed its place as the world’s most expensive city.

Despite Japanese deflation, a weaker yen and rising prices throughout the world, Tokyo has resumed its position as the world’s most expensive city. Tokyo took over Zurich, which dropped to seventh. A strong local currency powered Sydney in third place and Melbourne in equal fourth place while Singapore rose to sixth.

Asian cities now make up 11 of the world’s 20 most expensive cities in the world. Caracas now makes it in ninth place, making it the most expensive city across the Americas while Vancouver is still he most expensive location in North America at position 21. Los Angeles and New York City tie at 27th as the most expensive U.S. cities.

South Asian locations dominated the cheapest cities to live in.


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