Every man is a Rendition of the Universe


“One day, while worshiping God, it was revealed to me that this universe itself is God. The same as every plant, every flower is a rendition adorning the divine universal form of God, every man on earth is a rendition of God walking on earth.”

The Preacher

The Preacher


2 thoughts on “Every man is a Rendition of the Universe

  1. To think I’m the student needing a teacher is but one way to look at a multidimensional classroom. At times I am the student very much needing guidance, but perhaps in the very next moment, I’m poised to be a teacher. Oh the things I’m used to teach, based off of my level of awareness. The student at times will not even be aware he is being taught. On the other hand, will the teacher know he’s teaching? Yes, life is a classroom, but do we notice. What is it I’m teaching through my example, and what am I learning from yours? I have a role as the whole and it always matters what I think, say and do. When paying attention to the connection going on, the role I’m playing is secondary. How prepared I am to wear the new shoes given me is what takes precedence… via a caring heart.

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