Building Your Better Future


Stop it now! Successful people don’t whine

Every successful person is unique; but they all have one thing in common: “They don’t whine”.

Most successful people never or rarely talk about their present or past difficulties that they had or have to overcome. They don’t do it because they do not think there is anything to talk about. They take their problems as a given and just make sure to play the best hand they can with the cards they are dealt with.

If they themselves, by their actions or omissions caused the problem, they just make sure not to repeat their errors or mistakes. If the problem is just a matter of fate, they accept this condition or misfortune and work on ways to overcome the problem or situation at hand.

Successful people don’t let an obstacle be an obstacle for long. They face the problem head on and just make sure to do whatever it takes to overcome the difficulty, whatever the problem or difficulty may be as fast as possible. They all know that, while in life, pain may be or is mandatory, that suffering is optional.

Never tell people your problems. Ninety per cent of them just don’t care, they have enough of their own problems and the other ten per cent are most certainly delighted you have them.

Winners don’t cry, they just get the job done.

To be continued…


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