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The final countdown

The year 2014 just started but The Futurist Daily News can already predict the top ten trends for the next six years to come. But don’t worry, for whoever can read the signs, exploit them and is willing to grow his box, the sun will still shine and, this is all about The Futurist Daily News.

For the next six years to come, The Futurist Daily News expects more unrest in the religious, economical and political world especially in the Middle East and Africa. Notwithstanding the opinion of many, the so-called « Arab Spring » is far from over. The social « Awakening » of the Arabic has forced the Arab world to change, mainly for the better, nevertheless the opinions of too many and despite the massive recent disappointments of Syria and. For the next six years to come, the uncertainties of a changing world will continue to shake the autocracies of Africa and the Arabian Gulf. Social media and the Internet have revolutionised Arab minds. The ability of the crowds in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to bring down both a military government and-with help from the generals-an Islamist one has given people a new thirst for having a say in who rules them.

The Futurist Daily News expects more unrest in the workplace around the world. Unemployment will be on the rise worldwide, particularly among the younger generation. According to the 2013 International Labour Organisation (ILO) report, as of 2012, nearly 200 million people out of the global working-age population of 5.3 billion are were jobless. This number will dramatically increase in the years to come and further increase the disparity between the riches and the poor. The middle class is now in jeopardy and, for the years to come will be even further economically exploited.

In this worldwide struggle of the persecuted, the poor and the exploited for justice, equity and prosperity, The Futurist Daily News expects the rise and spread of more and evermore misinformation in the medias especially on the Internet. While expecting more and more people attempting and trying to combat and reverse these trends, The Futurist daily News predicts that it may well be, if not a losing battle, a daily uphill battle for survival of the strongest and the fittest. Only those who will genuinely and truly understand the real challenge of the years to come will thrive and prosper. Those who don’t will be mere survivors.

Most of these societal disasters of today have one thing in common: the tolerance of the people and his utopian faith in the spiritual and religious.

To be continued…


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