Self-limiting Behaviors to avoid for your Better and Preferred Future

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What is it that matters most to you?

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Success is only one thing: achieving what matters most to you, not to others.

You want to be successful today and tomorrow?

Live your life fully on your own terms and love doing so. People who absolutely love what they do for a living are mostly likely to create tremendous success and reward for themselves. They not only thrive to continuously engage in life-supporting behaviors, but they also know to avoid the pitfalls of many negative actions and mindsets that other, less successful people, habitually get lost in.

Here is a description of the self-limiting behaviors that you want to avoid if you wish to create a better future for yourself in the years to come.

Engaging in “below the line” thinking

Do not engage in “Below the line” thinking, that particular mindset that shapes how you view the world in a limitative way. Such a way of thinking will only lead you to believe that your faith or destiny is outside your control and upbraiding everyone and everything for your own failure. You want to be successful today and tomorrow, start looking for the possible obstacles ahead, and start addressing them now. Be accountable for your own behavior. Open your eyes and learn how to read the signs. Be the master of your own life; empower yourself and stop blaming others and circumstances for your own failures. Man up, be accountable for your life and your career; acquire what you are lacking of and what it takes to successfully navigate through life.

Mistaking wishful thinking for action

All most successful people pursue outcomes that are spontaneously flowing from their genetic and cultural inborn and current actions. They know much better than to pursue utopian fantasies that may relieve them momentarily of their situational pain but have no absolutely no basis whatsoever in reality. All successful people without any exception avoid daydreaming and carefully avoid any possible kind of fancies. You want to be successful today and tomorrow, stop praying and start acting; learn to crush your dreams and unrealistic goals in down into smaller, palatable action steps that you can build on and that will lead you to your end goal. There is no other secret to success than action.

Persisting in being powerless and speechless

Successful people are and know how to keep in touch with their inherent power, and are not afraid or reluctant to both, expressing it and using it. They always make sure to advocate and negotiate strongly for themselves and others, for what they care about, and never shy away from the competition. They know what they can bring to the table and how to dress the table to suit their needs and the needs of the people they serve, their family, friends and customers; they have a concern, they express it; they are challenged, they face and tackle both, the challenge and the challenger head on; they do not hide, they know how and when to face the enemy and always make sure to do it openly, with calm, poise and grace. Successful people do not hide or shy away from their problems; they never perceive themselves as helpless victims.

Not investing in oneself

Successful people understand the necessity of investing in themselves first. This is with no regret or second thought that they happily invest a lot of time, money and energy in themselves for the benefit of their own growth. You want to be happy today and tomorrow? You want to help people today and tomorrow? Just make sure to help yourself first! Grow yourself in being a better person, a better individual, and a successful and powerful individual; successful people never hesitate to spend money, time and effort on their own growth; they know that this is an investment that will eventually pay off big time for themselves and everyone around them.

Resisting change

Successful people always go with the flow. They do not resist trends, they know better than to swim against the tide; they recognize trends, embrace trends and follow them. They know the value of displaying fluidity and flexibility. They know how to react to what is coming and what is standing in front of them. When necessary, they know how to skillfully improvise.

Honoring other people’s agendas over oneself

Successful people do not want and do not need anyone to dictate them what their priorities, their values, their concerns, and their mission and purpose in life should be. They do not need you or anyone else to tell them what they are. They know what matters most to them. They are the captain of their own ship, the master of their own life and always know where they are heading; they know where they belong, where they are heading and do not let anyone or anything dictate their conduct or way of life. Successful people know when and how to say “No” to the wailer and everyone else that could push them off track.

Doubting oneself

Successful people never doubt themselves. They never show any lack of trust in their own gut or instincts. Successful people never second-guess themselves; they believe in themselves; they know that if they do not believe in themselves, in their product or services, nobody will. They know that if do not believe in their own value, the value of their product or services, nobody will buy either one or the other including themselves.

Searching for handouts and easy answers

Reaching out expecting free help without considering what you may offer in return is a very bad sign. This is a sign that you are doomed to fail in whatever you are attempting to do or wish to do. Successful people never act in such a way; they understand and they know the importance of having something important and valuable to offer, share or exchange in return for what they want. They know that there is nothing free in this world, and because they believe in the value of their services or product, they always treat others exactly as they would like to be treated. There is nothing free in this world and there is nothing such as a free ride and successful people know it; they always figure out how to get the help they need without asking for handouts.

The most successful people of the world never expect and never expected to acquire something or anything of value for nothing; they always made sure to treat others equitably and fairly and always expected others to do the same. The most successful people realize and always been aware of the fact that if they are not willing to pay for the products or services they want, then others will never be willing to pay the price they deserve for the value their own products or services. The most successful people also know that their success is directly proportionate to the effort they put in and that there is no short cuts or easy answers on the road to success.

You want to build a better tomorrow for yourself, your family, your friends and all mankind, start today: Stop buying lottery tickets; stop underselling yourself; stop praying and daydreaming. Unless your end goal is to become a cult leader the metaphysical, the spiritual and the religious, will never drive you anywhere.

To be continued…


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