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The Kassandra Project
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The Kassandra Project
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

For the years to come [2014-2020],

Le Futurist Daily News is forecasting an ever-growing period of unemployability and iniquities.

By promoting both, the Kassandra and Prometheus Projects, Le Futurist Daily News most sincerely hopes that injustices, unemployability and social iniquities will be wordily and actively contested on all possible economical, political and social fronts. Nevertheless our good intentions will not drive us anywhere unless each and every one of the citizens of the World decide to empower themselves now.

Otherwise, Le Futurists Daily News’s forecasts for the future will still make for intriguing and interesting readings and highlights for the years to come. Here is a forecast of what is the future have in store for us.

1. From social anything and everything to being socially smart

Burying the exceptional and excellence in the trivial and inconsequential, the Social Technologies are everywhere. These gigantic depositories of digital garbage and insignificance are now ruling and controlling most of our existences. Socially smart people are now aware of this potentially treacherous reality and moving to niche networks. Businesses and politicians, like this new generation of enlightened users need to get smarter and start to show intelligence, substance and quality. Nobody is buying hot air anymore. For the future, intelligence and adaptability is and will be the great leveler. Competition for attention will intensify the battle to own key assets from identity to news sharing, demanding radical reinvention.

2. Information security

Thought your personal and corporate information was and still is safe? Think again. The information security genie is out of the bottle as cyber-surveillance and data mining by governmental, public and private organizations, criminal networks and whistleblowers as well, increases. And don’t forget, as it is now very difficult, in the coming years, it will be increasingly even more difficult to tell friend from foe in cyberspace as networks will increasingly build artificial intelligence and algorithms designed to decipher your emotions and track your every move for both, security and profitability. Protecting your personal identity and societies information now is and will still be a priority for all in the coming years.  

3. Reinventing the shopping culture

Retailers are now facing a digitally driven perfect storm as connectivity, rising consumer influence, time scarcity, mobile payments, and the Internet are now dictating where, when and how we shop. Add to this the increasing sharing economy philosophy, driven by the younger generations where experience and sustainable consumption are more important than ownership, and you will soon realize that the traditional retail models are now breaking down. In the years to come, the mere survival and future of the retailers will be increasingly defined by their capacity to create experiential spaces offering personalized service, integrated online and offline value propositions satisfying the forever increasing demands for immediacy and surprise.

4. Redistributing the technological revolution

Complex, global value chains are being redistributed by new technologies, labour market shifts and connectivity. Small-scale manufacturing and shifting production economics are now moving production lines closer to markets and enabling mass customization. Rising labour costs, high unemployment rates, global access to on-line talent and knowledge is now our new reality driving the industrial world toward new business models requiring even more mobility, flexibility and well define networks of communication and information.

5. The new face of globalization

As production and consumption become more distributed, the forever apparition of newly created technical specialized intelligence nucleuses is the next step that will characterize the next wave of globalization. Such specialized centers will be created and designed to support the needs of growing regional trade, emerging city states, on-line preferred communities of choice, and the emerging new generation of multi-skills flexible workers and entrepreneurs. Underpinning this new culture will be the global knowledge networks and new business and governance models based on ethical leveraging global values designed and intended to deliver local added value.

6. Making the impossible possible

Cross-disciplinary discipline approaches and visionary entrepreneurship is now the driving force that will lead us to scientific breakthroughs that will change not just the way we live our personal and professional lives but also our bodies and intelligence. We are now contemplating and opening up to the vast possibilities offered by these new scientific discoveries in the field of mind control and artificial intelligence, shape-shifting and self-organizing materials expected to enhanced humans, space exploration, and high-speed transportation. Great debates are to be expected around the ethics and financing of these advances.

7. Growing oneself in the changing of times

The United States are crumbling, Brazil lost it, India is losing it, China is paying the price for its growth, Russia is failing trying to make a superpower come-back, South Africa’s economy is in disarray, the Arab Spring governments are still in turmoil and we are still witnessing worldwide increasing social unrest. The World is asking and demanding for significant meaningful shifts in social, economical, political and ethical governance. The younger generations now growing and aspiring to greater freedom and quality of life, the strong and highly adaptive individuals and societies that will know how to adapt to the changing times will be the one to leverage the actual situation and the leaders of tomorrow.

8. Who is listening?

The complex relationship and apparent paradigm of food, water, energy and climate change presents huge global economic, political, environmental and societal challenges. We are now living a worldwide, universal, societal crisis of moral values and economical, political and corporate ethical governance. In the years to come more debate and calls to action are to be expected and like it or not, those that are listening will take action and challenge all our now failing institutions for a renewed world order and responsible global ethical governance.

9. Empowerment and fighting back will be the name of the game

Our institutions, the world is desperate for talented and highly skilled workers and individuals. Yet worldwide unemployment rates remain high. Polarization towards higher and lower skill levels is squeezing on mid-level jobs and middle classes. In the years to come, fighting increasing unemployability and poverty will not only remain a critical issue, it will become and increasingly critical issue given the forever increasing disparity of income between the poor and the riches of the world. In the years to come, employers will have to face the fact that slavery has been long time abolished, that people have to be provided with a high enough income to provide for themselves and their family. Employers will also have to face the fact that if they want to attract and retain their workforce, they will have to offer and provide meaning to the work being done. The new generation and the new generations to come is asking and are going to be asking and demanding for well paid, exciting and meaningful work where they can make an impact. If they cannot find it, they will quickly move on the growing ranks of young entrepreneurs.

10. Expecting consistency and embracing the challenge

Mo matter what too many believe to the contrary, life is absolutely, totally fair and predictable. For whoever decides today to empower himself, tomorrow will most certainly be a better day. Income inequality, poverty, unhappiness is only growing for the ignorant or he who likes to pleasure himself in insignificance and misery and to blame everyone except oneself for his misfortune. The hero of tomorrow is the one who decides today to do something about his life. By bettering himself today, he is building tomorrow’s better world.

To be continued…



Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” .
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