The Future of Jobs


When the sleeper awakens
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

Previous technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But this can change.

Today, across the richest nations, all is far from glowing in the workplace. While the cost of living is still forever going up, the wages of the typical middle and lower class worker are stagnant. In Americas the wages have hardly budged over the past four decades. In countries like Britain and Germany, wages have been flat for over a decade now. Even in relatively egalitarian places like Sweden, inequality among the employed has risen sharply. For most of the people of the world, even if their wages have increased substantially, their buying power went down drastically. Today, for most of the workforce, we are not in a better position than almost one hundred years ago.

For anybody who is not part of the élite, much of modern labour consists of “Bullshit Low Paid Jobs”. It is something the ruling class does to keep control over the lives of others.

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” by JMD.
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