Indian Rape Victim Under Police Protection

Rape protest

Castrate them and hang them!
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

Woman allegedly attacked as “punishment” to be relocated after being shunned by villagers, says state politician.

This is great, what a bunch of ass-holes and degenerates!

Now we have to protect the victim of rapes; the victim is victimized because she has been raped?

Women, buy yourself a gun and shoot the bastards! No, Buy yourself a rusted knife and castrate the bastards and, don’t trust or rely on these policemen to protect you; they are probably rapists themselves.

Ladies, wake up!

 Your men are no men, they are beasts with no balls and no brain; they are big walking penises looking to rape anything women, child or young girl walking on the street; stay away of them and away of anyone that fraternized with them.

They are out there to abuse you. If not for you, do it for your children.


This is not a professional statement this is an absolutely emotional one.

This is not so often that I formulate so harsh comments; usually, I am quite Zen. But this is absolutely and totally unacceptable in whatever society of today’s world and whoever endorse or tolerate such a situation or participate in such in abomination shall be considered a rapist himself or herself and be burned alive on the public place.

Definitely to be continued… and I dare you ….


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