Predicting the Future


Looking for signs

What is wrong with you people; can’t you read the signs?
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

 A magic show is no magic, but merely illusion. Magicians simply know something you don’t: how the trick works.

Was there ever an infallible prophet?

People subconsciously make hundreds if not thousands of tiny predictions each day. The human brain knows what is going to happen before it does. When watching everyday activity unfold, one makes predictions about what will happen a few seconds out and, most of the time, these predictions are right. Such successful predictions are associated with the subjective experience of a smooth stream of consciousness.

Life is just plain easier when you can see what is ahead of you

Some individuals have very poor vision; their most refined skill seems to be constantly and unavoidably running into brick walls. Some others possess simply adequate vision; they surely can avoid the obvious speed bumps, but surely always fail to stand out from the crowd. And then, there are the ones, who possess that legendary vision that everyone is talking about; these are the rare few who can see around the corners and really foretell both, the near and far future.

Everyonecan learn to see around corners

The only, true and real, secret to understand and predict the future is to sincerely, deeply and thoroughly understand past history and human nature. People and past events are the key indications to the future. It is human nature that paves the path into the future. Today’s decisions and actions, good and bad, rightful or evil, are now shaping tomorrow’s reality. Everyone with a very good understanding of the human nature and past history can adequately predict the future. Engage with people, understand their motivations, understand their aspirations, learn about their past and their future will be revealed. A magic show is no magic, but merely illusion. Magicians simply know something you don’t: how the trick works.

Understanding Motivations

One never knows or understands a person until one knows what motivates that person. Predicting the future is merely reasonably predicting the natural and rational consequences of today’s observable events and actual actions or reactions of people to such events according to their instruction, their social background, their education, motivations and aspirations. Their motivations and aspirations speak to who a person is, what one values, how one works, and why one does what he or she does. Know one thoroughly, predict is future and the shape of events.

Seeing Through the Rhetoric

More important than what a person says is what that person does. Observe the decisions they make, the decisions they don’t make, the relationships they value, the relationships they don’t value), the courage they display, the courage they fail to display, the challenges they accept, the challenge they walk away from and predict their future. Observation and understanding is key to predicting the future. There is no reason to be surprised by tomorrow, unless you fail to accurately observe and understand what his really happening today.

Look for the Signs

Few things will help discern the future of a culture, of a society, of a person, of a career, of a project, of a product, or company like taking a close look into the character and commitment of the people involved. The signs of times are always clearly visible to those who look. Visionaries can always clearly see the reality of a situation rather than the illusion of such reality. True visionaries can tell between illusion and reality of an event or circumstance. They refrain from the common delusion of seeing what they choose to see and base their predictions on a realistic interpretation of the signs.

Changing the Future

Learn about yourself today and become very intentional about developing those skills that will allow you to build your preferred future. Look around you for people of influence in learn to know them. You cannot effectively positively impact on those you don’t know and don’t understand. Fail to do so, fail to understand their motivation and aspirations and build yourself a failed future. Focus on those skills and qualities that are appealing to human nature. Observe and understand the signs of times, and learn to adapt to the changing times. Become a better self and you will not only predict the future, you will have the power to influence and change it in your favor.

There is no secret in predicting the future. All what it takes is time, time to observe and time to understand.

Another alternative would be to write the book after the fact.

To be continued…


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