The Science of Predicting the Future and Mankind Destiny



Beware of the false prophets!
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

Science and technology are about one hundred to two hundred years further down the road into the future than the average person could realize.

Scientific discoveries, geopolitical strategies, economic solutions, military planning, medical advances and educational solutions always resulted from continuous research, study of the past historical models, logical rationalism, all such processes being “left-brain thinking and processing” or “rational thinking and data processing activities” used to approach modern-day life reality. Another way of overcoming the challenges of dealing with the modern daily reality is through what is called “right-brain thinking activities”, such thinking process being tremendously more creative and intuitive than the rational way of thinking and processing information. Both, the “left-brain” and “right-brain” thinking processes, are necessary parts of predicting the future with accuracy. In addition to the information generated by our neurological, physiological and biological pathways, some will argue that it is possible to access information and superior knowledge, from what is often referred to the “spiritual dimension” or “spiritual world”.

Science v. Religion

Our Western culture has often displayed bias against the existence of the possible existence of other or inter-dimensional knowledge. By negating this possibility, science is cutting itself off from an essential part of the reality of many people of the world that truly believe in such a reality and possibility. Even though many of our modern days left-brain thinking scientists are dealing with sciences such as Quantum Physics and String Theory or the existence of at least eleven dimensions, they still refuse to acknowledge the spiritual as a source of valid or acceptable information to provide solutions to the many existential problems that the world is now facing. Whatever the arguments for and against the validity of the spiritual dimension as a source of knowledge and wisdom, we appear to be reaching the end of an era and witnessing the approach of a new one.

The end of days or a new beginning 

A singularity of infinite complexity started a few years ago and we are now at this precise moment where everything is accelerated, where anything and everything imaginable can and often will occur simultaneously. What we are dealing with now is a more and even more precise understanding of the real intrinsic nature of our multi-dimensional universe. This inevitably brings up controversies about age-old concepts such as: the existence of “God”; time; eternity; death; afterlife; heaven; hell; paradise on earth and mankind’s destiny. According to the believers, since the days of the Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel, mankind has received infinite information and the reliability of this information and the source of this information can be quantified, categorized and discerned. But in our present time we face an interesting dilemma.

To be continued…


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