Don’t be self-destructive: Power up your language!


“Never underestimate the power of your words”

Kellie Pickler

“This situation is just impossible” “I will never figure this out?” “There is no way I could ever succeed” There is no way this could ever work” “This situation is hopeless”… etc.

All such words that you pronounce are most definitely conveying nothing else than desperation, victimization; and you are asking me why your sky is so dark?

Let it be known that it is a well-established fact that your subconscious interprets what it hears very literally. For better or worse, the words you think and speak create your reality. It is through language that you bring your reality into being.

The words you speak are, are their core, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever direction your words lead, your mind and body will follow. You want to feel more love, joy, time, peace, friendship, influence, accomplishment, or control? Stop thinking and speaking in ways that limit what you can accomplish, who you can become and your day-to-day experience of life; Speak and think only that which you truly desire to become your daily reality. Continually making declarations about yourself or your circumstances that echo hopelessness, fear, anxiety and pessimism will only shape your reality in a negative way. The way you talk definitely and absolutely impacts the perception that others may have of you, how they will treat and value you.

You want to be perceived as a “powerful trustworthy individual” that can steer change and deliver results? Start talking the talk and stop sabotaging you life and jeopardizing your future by your own words: Power up your language, rewire your brain and reshape your negative patterns of thought and behaviour. The only thing standing between you and the preferred future you always dreamed of is the way you think, the way you talk about yourself.

You want a better tomorrow?

Start focusing on the words you speak and be vigilant: avoid speaking in terms that convey negativism and lack of confidence; speak in terms that convey confidence and commitment. Always speak in a positive way about yourself, about everything and rephrase all problems or difficulties into learning and growth opportunities. If you slip, no problem! Recommit and start again; each second of your life provides a second chance:

There is always a second chance to better yourself but never a second chance to make a first good impression.


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.


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