Knowledge is


Adaptation and Survival 

True knowledge is nothing else than adaptation and survival.

Since the beginnings, past civilizations and cultures all rose and fell on the margin of ecology. Today, urbanizing our ecology, we have created and still are creating something very unique in the history of mankind: an urban order no one can walk away from, nor anyone survive.

Despite the sayings of all ancient wisdom writings and ancient scriptures, knowledge doesn’t grow on trees. True knowledge is knowledge of truth. There is a fundamental differentiation between reality and our perception of reality, between the true nature of reality and our opinion on the true nature of reality, between true reality and our perception of the reality.

Let it be said that the end of human life is the end of the world beyond which is nothing. This is evolutionary thinking. Human existence and human activity make a world where otherwise there is nothing. The very laws of nature are the outcome of an everlasting evolution. To think otherwise is nothing else than pure intellectual masturbation. Modern urban masses can no longer be well governed by old ancient history, old ancient principles or medieval methods. In today’s world, scientific objectivity shall prevail on the spiritual and magical. Good lying no longer makes good knowledge. Rational over theological and philosophical is now the rule. Replace “faith” with “knowledge” and you have the guiding idea of Truth and Enlightenment, of the true nature of Reality.

Spirituality does not determine human existence. It is our social existence, which determines our reality. In today’s world, esoteric and spiritual contemplation as well of all other forms of intellectual masturbation will always only result in derivation, antisocial behaviors, prejudices and bias. Maxims, morals, proverbial nuggets of wisdom, myths and wishful thinking will always result in an antisocial confrontational social world, perversion, chaos and destruction. Objectivity and rationality are the new fundamentals of knowledge that will drive us on a truly social and global world. To know is to enjoy and global social order can only result from true knowledge.

Today’s reality is very different from yesterday’s reality. Today’s reality is the now-global human environment. Knowledge is realistic not because it imitates reality but because it contributes to the political realism expressed in the preference for knowledge, for true knowledge.


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.


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