Trump: Deal with it!

Trump-Deal with it!

Trump has landed

There is only one man to stop Trump: Trump himself.

The 2016 Republican primary has turned into a puzzle about how to deal with the Donald singularity. Trump will not hire a pollster. He is letting go about as many senior consultants from his campaign as he has hired. He does his own debate preparation. He does not spend on advertising. He refuses to seek big campaign contributions. He says he gets military advice from watching television and reading news. He warns his rivals not to use his campaign slogan, “Make America great again”, which he has trademarked. He does not finish three sentences without bragging about his business deals, his Ivy League education, his golf scores or his ranking in the polls. Trump is running, he is running the show; he is running his own show.

If you want to understand what is happening in North America right now, what is happening in the United States, you need only listen to that message of disgust, for the political system, its falsehoods and failures, which has taken Trump to the top of the Republican polls. You need only to listen to the Trump’s discourse. He talks about foreign policy, about immigration, about economy like it was a business deal just waiting for a smarter guy to take control of the situation. “When was the last time that you saw this country have a victory? We don’t have victories,” he tells reporters. “What things am I going to do different? Almost everything.” And then, on his plans for a great wall on the southern border, which he says he can threaten Mexico to fund: “Nobody is going through my wall. Trump builds walls. I build walls.”

You do not need a focus group to translate the Trump’s discourse: To support Trump is to oppose the established order, not because of ideology but only because you have just had enough of the squabbling politicians, the dynastic political clans, the system of these so-called distinguished people of the elite who promise but cannot or will never deliver. It is to say aloud that you are ready to trade in the phoniness of the political process for an accomplished wheeler-dealer who never backs down and get the job done. It is a sense that all the elites are in it for themselves and nobody else. It is a reminder that performance matters, not only words. It is a reminder that a true showman, even in his worst days, can beat and outrank all competition.

Trump is a walking, talking wake-up call for the GOP and the media. If anyone dares to challenge him, whoever it is, he is relentless and whatever he say or do, wright or wrong, rather than falling in the polls, he continues to climb.

Again: the Trump Show is far from over!


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.

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