An uncertain fall for Hilary and the Democrats

Hilary Clinton

Hilary cursed by a shaky handling of the e-mail controversy

The Democratic Party, whose presidential race has been overshadowed by Donald Trump and the Republicans, heads into the fall with its nomination contest far less certain than it once appeared.

As the Democratic National Committee looks up at its summer activities, members are left with a series of questions not just about Clinton, but also Biden, Sanders and the party as a whole. What can Clinton do to regain the trust of voters? Will Biden get in the race? And can Democrats capitalize on vulnerabilities that Trump and other Republican candidates have exposed in recent weeks, especially with women and Hispanic voters?

For all their glee at watching the Republicans, Democratic leaders are more inwardly focused today than they have been all year, with Clinton at the center of attention. The former secretary of state has responded to the doubts about her candidacy with muscle-flexing moves and, more significantly, a new tone in talking about the e-mail controversy. Inside the Clinton team, there is an acknowledgment that the issue has been badly handled and that it has given rise to broader worries about her trustworthiness and sense of entitlement.

Irrespective of the e-mail controversy, Biden’s decision to race or not, the increasing anti-establishment mood coursing through the electorate, such mood being magnified by Trump’s campaign, the summer has highlighted the challenges that Hilary and the Democrats are now facing in winning the presidential race.


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.

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