How to Feed Ten Billion People in 2050

by: Joshua Hehe


Right now there are about seven billion people on Earth and a large portion of them are malnourished. Furthermore, as the population increases, so too does the global need for food. Unfortunately, in the current production model, corporations tend to feed most of the food in the world to other food for a relatively small number of people to then consume. That is to say, companies grow plants for animals to eat, and then only the most affluent individuals get to dine on them.

Rather than doing this, we could feed far more people if everyone would just become vegetarians instead. The problem is that the operating procedures that are in place perpetuate a carnivorous consumer culture. This is a huge problem. There is so much water being wasted in the current agricultural methods. The logistics involved in the transport of these goods also requires a great deal of oil to be used. In addition to this, the models in place are terribly inefficient and unsustainable uses of land. This system only serves to line the pockets and bellies of the wealthy elite, with little to no regard for anything or anyone else.

To transition the world to a humane vegan diet, we need to invest far more into local vertical farms all across the world. In this way, biotech plant-based foods will provide meat alternatives with far more nutrition. These laboratory grade edibles are revolutionary. Scientists have even found clever ways to make it all delicious too. By oxygenating the roots of vegetables grown hydroponically, it’s possible to make healthy food that actually tastes great.

It’s so inhumane for people to go hungry in this world, and vertical farms are really the only thing that can save people from continued starvation. This is why it is so vital for everyone to become a vegan as soon as possible. The only way that everyone can eat is if we all give up meat. In this way we will end the suffering of countless animals, including starving children.

To eliminate animal consumption altogether humanity must eventually embrace vertical farming. This is an inevitable step that our species must take that I am fully in favor of for so many reasons. For one thing, such a marvel of engineering completely eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Plus, the specific spectrum lighting used to make all of this happen allows food to be harvested year round. The climate controlled buildings also take up very little space on the ground, making them easy to incorporate into cities of all sizes. This forward thinking concept is definitely the way of the future.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive





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