Is a 6 figures income and beyond a realistic goal for a startup?

It is not only realistic, it shall be your only goal and motivation

One thing that many new entrepreneurs seem to have in common is that they tend to get caught up in all of the little daily details and lose track of the big picture.

The most important thing that you have to concentrate on when starting a new business is to get a customer.

Without a customer, you don’t need a business card, you don’t need an office space, you don’t need a LLC and so on. You don’t need anything especially spending the money that you don’t have.

Before anything else, get a customer

What is the market that you are targeting? Do people need the product or service that you are offering? How is your product or service better than the competition? Why shall people deal with you? How do you differentiate yourself from anybody else?

When starting a business, this is what you have to concentrate on, the big picture: Is this going to make any money?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the details

You want to survive? You want your business to be successful? Here is what you have to do:

  1. Define and refine your business, your product or service;

  2. Make sure to be “The Best in The World at What You Do”;

  3. Make sure to “Stand Out from The Crowd”;

  4. Define and refine your business model;

  5. Start hustling and grinding and,

  6. Delegate whatever task is not essential to your Customer Acquisition Process to anyone is better than you at it, even to a Virtual Corporate Services Firm.

You don’t know exactly what you want to or have to do! Let me help you.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to teach people what I know about entrepreneurship, startups, communications, branding and marketing. I decided to create some sort of bunkumless program about how to start a successful business.

So, I just threw together a name and structure and decided to go online. While I didn’t really know what the answer would be or what to expect, to my surprise, people started to follow me and emailing me asking for advice on how to start their business.

Suddenly, just a few weeks after publishing my website landing page, I realized that most of their concerns were about daily and routine details, ignoring the big picture: “Growing and Scaling” their Business Idea or Project to a six figures income and beyond.

This is when I decided to relaunch, to offer one of a kind service: An Online Consulting an Assistance Business Service to help young entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses to scale and grow their business and most importantly, their income.

To my surprise 24 hours after the relaunch, I was in business. I had landed my first customer and was making just shy of $3,000 a month.

The Secret?

There is no secret; the only thing I had to do was:

  1. To pay attention and listen to my newly acquired customer and let him tell me exactly what were his concerns, issues and problems were;

  2. To pay attention and listen to what he was really looking for and expecting from me;

  3. After carefully listening and paying attention, to offer all possible solutions and that he would agree upon;

  4. After an “Understanding an Agreement” has been reached, to exactly and timely deliver as per budget.

  5. Finally, as an added bonus, added value, to provide him with all the tools that he needed to grow and scale his business.

The situation being resolved my customer was happy to promptly pay my bill and immediately retain my services on a monthly basis.

Let it be a lesson

Your first accountability and priority as an entrepreneur is to find a way to make your customers happy, to provide them with exactly what they need. with a bunkumless solution to solve any issue or problem that they may be facing or will be facing.

This is how you make money; this is where the money is.

If you have a product or offer a service that is making money for your customer, you can charge for it

The more money your customer makes using your product or service, the more you can charge for it.

Stop struggling with the daily administrative details of running a business. This is not helping any of your customers and they don’t give a shit about the color of your carpets.

What your customers care about is: “Making Money”.

Spend your time looking at ways to help your customers making money and making even more money.

Spend your time telling and showing your customers how your product or service answers their needs and wants and how it can always help them making more money.

Scaling up your business

Your business is doing well but not good enough! Your business is losing traction! Your business is not picking up! You don’t know what to do anymore!

NOW is the time to do something about it and I can help you.

Book an online 30 minutes FREE Consultation with me and let’s discuss your situation and expectations. But this is not the point.

The point is: How do you do it?

  1. Who is your targeted audience?

  2. What is your targeted audience looking for?

  3. How can you help?

  4. Is your product or service the best possible answer?

  5. If yes: Do you charge enough?

Charging and pricing, this is where a lot of entrepreneurs get scared.

Many, especially new entrepreneurs, think that there’s no way people will pay them more money to the money that they may be asking for. Let me tell you:

“You don’t charge enough, you look like a loser.”

I am not telling you to overcharge!

What I am telling you is that when you charge more money, you get better clients. They know they get more value, and you also get more value while getting more money and giving more in return.

When people pay more, they pay more attention. When people pay big, they really pay attention to what you have to say, your product or services. If you want to really scale your business, even a new business, don’t get caught in the process of not charging enough. On the long run, this would prove to be suicidal.

Do things as you go

Do things as you go. Listen to your customers, adapt to the situations and make changes when needed.

Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Don’t be afraid to charge for what you’re worth.

  1. See what people need and want;

  2. Offer it;

  3. Sell it,

  4. Tweak it,

  5. And, above everything else: Stop doubting yourself!

  6. Scale it; don’t be afraid to charge more.

You have the best possible product on the market, you are The Best in The World at What You Do! It is your duty to “Stand Out from The Crowd” and serve the people that need your help.

It’s also your duty, your most important duty to respect yourself and to charge what you’re worth.


J.Michael Denis, ll.l, ll.m

Professional Problem Solver