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  • Hi! I am JMD. I help you to grow and scale your business while adding zero hours to your workday.

You want to grow and scale your business and do not know how to do it?

You have a prospective client that you are too busy with your current client work to follow-up with, so they go un-contacted and potentially losing clients and sales?

You are interested in streamlining and automating your branding & marketing, but do not know how to position yourself for this strategic shift?

You would like to build your email list and begin up-selling to products and services, but you do not know where to start, so your new contacts sit untouched and your list remains small?

This is where we come in, a division of King Global Earth & Environmental Services Corporation, helps startups, small and midsize businesses with their digital branding & marketing. helps you bring in leads, nurture prospects and grow your business

How do we do it? helps you grow your business by nailing down your message, creating the winning strategy behind your products and/or services and implementing this customized to your needs and wants strategy so you can nurture your audience and efficiently grow your business.

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Together, we will review your goals and identify areas that we can improve to to help you scaling, growing, branding and marketing your business.

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