Things to focus on instead of social media: “Rare” and “Valuable”

Social media may be entertaining, but it distracts you from achieving greater, personal success. To get value, you have to create value.

Achievers use a success list, not a to do list: they have a strong sense of priority

If you want extraordinary results, narrow your focus. Do your most important work when your willpower is strongest. For many people, that’s early in the day. Ask yourself: “What is this one thing I can do that will make everything else easier? In every aspect of your life, prioritize this one thing that is most important.

For most of us, social media is probably not what is most important

Everywhere you look these days, you find online aspiring writers and artists, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses leveraging social media to promote themselves. For many of them, not to say most of them, whatever they are publishing is not unique or valuable. It does not stand out from all the other noise. As a result, many aspiring writers, artists and entrepreneurs have their hearts broken.

They spend a lot of money on fancy websites, logos, photos and newsletter services. They launch their websites, post like crazy all over social media, and wonder why there is no response.

Social media success is a side effect of quality, not the cause

You can pretty your Instagram account all you want, and upload all kinds of lovely pictures on your Facebook page. None of that stuff, by itself, will make your art or business take off. If you want to be successful with your art or business, stop spinning your wheels on social media.

Focus on these two things: “Rare” and “Valuable”

Produce things that are rare and valuable. Instead of wasting all day grooming superficial stuff on social media, spend most of your time and pour your energy into mastering a difficult skill. If it is not difficult, it will not be rare. You will not stand out, and success will elude you. Rare and valuable skills are what set you apart from everyone else.

“To get value, you have to create value”

If you are doing remarkable work and build a social ratchet that works, only then will you have a significant social media presence. On the other hand, if you spend all your time beginning at the end, grooming your social network, nothing much is going to happen.

Rome was not built in a day

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Rather than trying to endlessly spruce up your website and social media posts, put in the hard work. Get up early, or stay up late honing your rare and valuable skills.

Seek the best instruction you can afford. Relentlessly practice. Constantly compare your work to the best creators or entrepreneurs. Focus on the ONE THING that you need to do to move forward.

Keep focused on your ONE THING. Get the best instruction you can. Work hard. In time, you will start producing rare and valuable work. People will start to notice. And then, maybe your stuff will be the talk of social media.

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