How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews

Almost everybody reads online reviews. That is why it is vital to weed out the fakes.

Almost everybody reads online reviews and if you have poor reviews, you may certainly say goodbye to welcoming new customers. Online reviews can make or break your business and reputation. Having a solid strategy for managing fake negative reviews is an essential part of maintaining a healthy online presence.

Online negative reviews are either real or fake. Whatever the reality, there is always something you can do about it. Before you report or respond to a negative review, the fist step is to be certain that it is a fake.

Typically, fake reviews will have a vicious or even aggressive tone, and they will also have general criticisms rather than specific ones. If you click into a reviewer’s profile and see other reviews they have posted including overly positive reviews for a competitor, this is a sure sign they are a phony.

The next best step to take is to report the reviewer to the website they posted on. This is one of the most critical steps to take in order to get that negative review fully removed. While you wait for the review to be removed, respond to them and offer a solution so other customers can see how serious you take the situation.

If you let a fake negative review slip through the cracks, it can cause major damage to your business.

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