Why Clients Call JMD Systemics

Here is why people and businesses call JMD Systemics:

  • Our sales are down; we need to grow our customer base and be more profitable.

  • I want a better future for my organization, my family, and myself.

  • Our business wants to have a better commitment to our community and the environment.

  • We implemented changes but there are still issues between departments; customers are telling us to fix it.

  • Our company has a good future but staff keeps turning over.

  • We need to be working like a “well oiled machine” to be profitable.

  • We know we need to be in compliance in important areas of our business but we’re too busy to make the changes.

  • We have a vision and mission but it doesn’t seem to do anything for our business.

  • We’ve gone through change but didn’t look at roles & responsibilities. There’s confusion about who does what.

  • There are trends that we need to plan for. How do we include them in our planning?

  • We hold quarterly meetings and provide updates but we continue to miss our targets.

  • I’m an entrepreneur and had a great year last year. This year I’m not doing as well.

  • We try to plan our time properly and still feel pulled and stressed.

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JMD Systemics

A division of King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation

JMD Systemics is a premier, full-service crisis management and communications firm serving business owners, corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals and governmental clients worldwide.

Headquartered in Bath, Ontario, our firm’s principal has over forty years of field experience providing crisis management, strategic communications, public affairs and public relations counsel to clients facing a broad spectrum of issues and daily challenges