The 90 days “Extreme You” Challenge

Today is my second day of my 90 days “Extreme Me” Challenge.

“Why are you Doing this Challenge?” would you ask.

Let’s say that Christmas is 84 days away and the new year 89 days away.

The end of the year is always a really tough time for me personally. While I love the holiday season it can also be a really stressful and chaotic time especially this year.

The last three years have been very tough and stressful and demanding.

In 2016, shortly after being laid off, West Corporation shutting down its Omnipod division after losing the customer to the competition, I was diagnosed with advanced phase 3 colon cancer and was given 3 months to live if nothing was to be immediately done about it.

Accordingly, my knee surgery replacement was delayed and I immediately started radiation and chemotherapy. Then, this was surgery, removal of a major part of my rectum, wearing a bag and removal of the bag. While all prognostics were favorable for the next 6 months, having lost control of my anal sphincter, I was shitting in my pants and shitting the sheets on a regular basis.

Then, it was 2017 when I ended up to the Kingston General Hospital Intensive Care Unit on two occasions. The first one when I ended up fully dehydrated and the doctors had to perform what they did call “Dehydration Resuscitation” and a second time where surgery had to be urgently performed due to a severe cholangitis.

2018 was not a better year.

All year long I had to go to the hospital for follow ups and I was running out of money. Above everything else, I had to deal with a very chagrined and depressed life partner.

2019 was even worse.

On January 17th 2019, due to negligence and incompetence of my so-called surgeon, following a failed laparoscopic gallbladder removal, once again, between life and death, I was ending up in the Kingston General Hospital Intensive Care Unit only to be released from the hospital on April 27.

Yes, indeed, the last few years of my life were not the best of my life.

Following my release from the hospital last April, I had to deal with a major loss of income. Being physically impaired, no longer being able to manage dockings, I had to resign myself to sell my boat. I then had to deal with an N12 Notice and move from a very big house to a very small house. And, all of this while still having to deal with a still very chagrined and depressed life partner.

You are Still Wondering Why I’m Doing the Challenge?

Let’s say that I do not give up very easily. I am a huge fan of positivism and setting new big scary goals and I need, to turn my life around now.

Desperate times call for desperate solutions.

They say it takes 30 days to build a new habit. So, in times where things are getting very chaotic, giving myself 90 full days to reinvent myself can really help me stay on track and take me into the new year prepared to chase down my dreams.

The “Extreme Me” 90 days challenge is all about finishing the last 90 days of this year strong and starting a new life.

Tomorrow Starts Today

Tell me, what is your challenge?



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