Managing Your Business Through The Corona Virus Disruption

COVID-19 pandemic: An appropriate course of action

Hello everyone,

At JMD Systemics, a division of King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, we are working hard to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We know that as members of the communities you serve, businesses like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we are committed to providing as much support as possible.

Accordingly, today, we are introducing a Small Business Resource Hub. It contains recommendations and resources that can help you manage your business through disruptions and keep you and your customers connected and informed, including 5 steps you can take and implement immediately:

1.- Keep Yourself safe and informed.

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you or your customers.

2.- Stay in Touch with your customers

Proactively share important information with your customers using email, your website, Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile, or however you typically connect.

You might include information about the measures you are taking to make your premises or products safe, or how you will handle customer inquiries if there are expected shipping delays.

3.- Try Hosting Online Events

In case you need to postpone or cancel any planned events as a result of the outbreak, try hosting a webinar or organize live sessions on social channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

4.- Prepare a customer service plan

In order to be responsive and transparent with your customers during this challenging moment, prepare for incoming questions and requests. Consider drafting templated responses for your emails or set up instant-reply messages with information you expect your customers will be looking for. Connect with your customers for free in real time using Instagram Direct Messages , Messenger or setting up a WhatsApp Business profile .

5.- Provide a list of frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Prepare a list of responses for questions your customers are likely to ask, and provide as much detail and reassurance as possible in your answers. Here is an example of what an FAQ could look like:

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Of course, we will cancel your order. Once your order is cancelled, the spend amount from your original purchase will be refunded to your account. We look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Hopefully, this will help you.

We will update the Hub with new resources as they become available.

To learn more about how to keep people safe and informed or to discuss tips and best practices for emergency preparedness, you join our “My 90 Days Extreme Me Challenge” Facebook community and share your concerns.


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