How you Respond to a Crisis Will Affect Your Reputation for Years to Come.

The evidence is irrefutable.

Without proper preparation, individuals, public and private organizations of any size can be blindsided by a long list of possible crises.

How an organization responds to a crisis can dramatically affect your reputation, revenues and even your share price. How you communicate to media and key audiences following a crisis situation is as important as how you respond to the crisis.

Knowing when and how to respond to requests for media comments, acting quickly and prudently is key to maintain or restoring your reputation.

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m.

Systemic Strategic Planning, Crisis & Reputation Management

JMD Systemics

 A division of King Global Earth and Environmental sciences Corporation

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Michel Ouellette / Joseph Michael Dennis, is a former attorney, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert, a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense and Free Speech.

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