You Want to Start a Business Today! Hold Your Horses


You Want to Start a Business Today! Hold Your Horses, Wait, Hold On, Stop. This is no time to do it, you are doomed to fail.

Day Three of The One Hundred Days


In these days of pandemic, unless you are out of your mind, suicidal or have a lot of your own money to lose is a very bad idea.

I totally understand that this is the dream of your life, what you always wanted to do but what the … did I tell you on Day One?  Unless you want to be the Extreme Ass Hole of all, making irrational decisions has no room in your One Hundred  Days Extreme You Project. There is no room for emotions in making any kind of profitable decisions defining your best possible future.

Unless you have a lot of cash of your own to absolutely finance 100% of your business project and some to spare to ensure your daily living and the daily living of your family for the next two years, unless you have the biggest idea of the century and you are the best in the world at what you do, don’t even think about starting a  brand new business business today.

Like it or not, all odds are against you!

J. Michael Dennis

Syndicated Columnist … and other things


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