Not Only in the USA ~ March for Trump in Japan

JAPAN January 6, 2021: Tokyo Trump supporters march to decry US election result

TOKYO: hundreds rallied in support of Trump on Wednesday, protesting the US presidential elections results, which they say are fraudulent. The rally took place as the US Congress was gathering in the Capitol to certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Japanese Trump supporters were chanting slogans such as ”Fight for Trump” while marching and carrying banners reading ”Trump win! Japan win!”

“Many people from all over the United States should be gathering in Washington, DC, in the USA to support President Trump. Here we are, Japanese people, who support President Trump,” said Takao Furuyama, one of the Trump supporters.

“And we believe that he is thinking about the peace of the United States, the peace of Japan, and the peace of the world,” he added.

Masumi Yokuni, another demonstrator, said, “I think President Trump is the president who fights the deep state, revealing what has happened behind the scenes and behind the politics of the world, without our knowledge. I am supporting him because I think that his winning will be a big boost not only for the United States but also for Japan and the world.”

The incumbent president has said he won’t give up the White House to President-elect Joe Biden. Trump’s legal team launched a series of court cases to overturn the results after the official results called Biden as the president-elect, without providing compelling evidence.

What do you know!

Not only in the USA; There are crazy idiotic people all around the world!


J. Michael Dennis

Syndicated Columnist … and other things



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