Systemic Thinking


Growing your business doesn’t always mean that you have to increase your expenses.

More often than not you already have everything you need to take your business and company to the next level.

The tricky part is finding and unveiling your unknown resources and figuring out where to allocate them for maximum impact.

Maximizing your profits is simply a matter of being smart about your resources.

This is the challenge that inspired me to create, a new corporate, business and entrepreneurial platform that shows you exactly where you may be leaking money, and where there is room for improvement.

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Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive

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“It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.”

—Evander Holyfield

What makes great? What are the principles that underlie mastery across fields and capabilities?

The principles below are universal and supported by both science and the experience of individuals who are on top of their respective fields.

1) Sleep!

Sleep is one of the most productive things you can do. Always make sure to have enough sleep time. Sleep deprivation is short-changing your physical, psychological, and emotional performance.

2) Physical activity

Physical activity is essential and integral to priming the mind for creative thinking and problem solving. Keep exercising on a daily basis. Have a walk, play golf, do something you like.

3) Seek out “Just-Manageable” challenges

The only way to grow is to step outside of your comfort zone. While your activities shouldn’t stress you, or make you anxious, they should leave you with a feeling of slight uncertainty. You grow from partaking in “just-manageable” challenges. Elevate your game.

4) Stress + Rest = Growth

The universal growth equation requires not only that you challenge yourself, but also that you take time to recover. Follow especially challenging activities with periods of recovery and recuperation. Physical Activity will help.

5) Cultivate purpose: Find a meaningful “why” for your work. Focus on something beyond yourself. Thinking less about yourself and more about others is one of the best ways to elevate your game.

6) Carefully design your day

Be as intentional as you can about when you do what you do. Don’t waste your peak hours on more or less useful activities such as browsing social media or answering email.

7) Surround yourself with only “Good People”

Avoid toxic people. Actively seek out successful high performers and do everything you can to work with them. The people with whom you spend your time have an enormous influence on your life. They most definitely shape your life.

8) Own your story and learn to say it well

Be constructive in the stories you tell yourself and others about yourself. We truly become our stories.

9)Respond” rather than “React”

Resist the urge to instantly react to everything thrown at you. Instead, take a deep-breath, evaluate the situation, and only then, thoughtfully and strategically respond. When the going gets tough, rather than panic, have a calm conversation: pause to separate yourself from whatever emotion you are feeling and only then move forward.

Just try this and tell me about it.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive








“Knowledge, unless you apply it, does not, and will never make you more efficient, influential, powerful or successful.”

Today, thanks to the instant access to the internet, everyone can now study and learn from home. The tremendous quantity of information available online provide anyone with the best ever opportunity to broaden his knowledge in every sphere of activity one can imagine.

For who is starting a new project or new business, the magnitude and quality of information available online literally invites the new entrepreneur, before anything else, to gather as much intelligence as possible related to his undertaking. Ultimately, delaying all productive action, the new entrepreneur is ending up trying to be everywhere, reading and trying to do everything that is suggested or recommended by the so-called pundits.

Reading everything you can get your hands on, listening to every single podcast you can download, taking every online course you can afford, learning how to write the best possible resume; how to land the job of your dreams; how to launch a successful business or new product; how to create the greatest blog and website; how to write and publish a new book is not going to help you whatsoever. Ultimately, doing everything except taking action, you do not start or achieve anything. All those activities do not and will never take you anywhere close to whatever you wish to accomplish.

The key to power, greater achievement and success is not excessive expertise, but the ability to use it. Knowledge is absolutely worthless unless it is applied. The truth is that no matter how extensive your knowledge, there will always be obstacles and unexpected circumstances that you will have to face. There will always be issues that never have been described or covered in any book. And, one day or another, you will be ending up having to deal with situations no one ever has met before. These are the days where you will have to show some initiative and creativity, having to look for solutions and make decisions that no one probably has ever thought of.

While constantly looking for new sources of information and content, nothing is being done. Thanks to the Internet, learning has now become a major social trend and major form of procrastination. Constant researching, learning, planning, thinking, rethinking and visualization will not accomplish anything other than letting you spinning in your tracks and leaving you stranded in the place you are now. You will never start, even less accomplish or finish, anything. Only actions will drive you where you wish or want to be.

My point is that for anyone that have read even only these three books: “The Bible”, “The Prince” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, there is no need for further learning. You already have and know everything you need to know to live the life of your dreams and achieve power and success. There is nothing more you need to learn in order to take the first step. Stop reading everything that has been written, stop listening to everyone that has something to say.

Everything has been written, everything has been said centuries ago. There is nothing new under the sun. Read “The Bible”, read “The Prince”, read Machiavelli, read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, read Carnegie, maybe Zig Ziegler and stop right there. Start writing your own book, the book of your own life. Take action now, turn your unstoppable procrastination into unstoppable action and start learning from your own experience.


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive






“Never underestimate the power of your words”

Kellie Pickler

“This situation is just impossible” “I will never figure this out?” “There is no way I could ever succeed” There is no way this could ever work” “This situation is hopeless”… etc.

All such words that you pronounce are most definitely conveying nothing else than desperation, victimization; and you are asking me why your sky is so dark?

Let it be known that it is a well-established fact that your subconscious interprets what it hears very literally. For better or worse, the words you think and speak create your reality. It is through language that you bring your reality into being.

The words you speak are, are their core, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever direction your words lead, your mind and body will follow. You want to feel more love, joy, time, peace, friendship, influence, accomplishment, or control? Stop thinking and speaking in ways that limit what you can accomplish, who you can become and your day-to-day experience of life; Speak and think only that which you truly desire to become your daily reality. Continually making declarations about yourself or your circumstances that echo hopelessness, fear, anxiety and pessimism will only shape your reality in a negative way. The way you talk definitely and absolutely impacts the perception that others may have of you, how they will treat and value you.

You want to be perceived as a “powerful trustworthy individual” that can steer change and deliver results? Start talking the talk and stop sabotaging you life and jeopardizing your future by your own words: Power up your language, rewire your brain and reshape your negative patterns of thought and behaviour. The only thing standing between you and the preferred future you always dreamed of is the way you think, the way you talk about yourself.

You want a better tomorrow?

Start focusing on the words you speak and be vigilant: avoid speaking in terms that convey negativism and lack of confidence; speak in terms that convey confidence and commitment. Always speak in a positive way about yourself, about everything and rephrase all problems or difficulties into learning and growth opportunities. If you slip, no problem! Recommit and start again; each second of your life provides a second chance:

There is always a second chance to better yourself but never a second chance to make a first good impression.


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.


Stop thinking and do whatever it takes!

What do you do, when you no longer know what to do?

How many times over the years, have I been facing these situations where it looks that there was absolutely no tomorrow, that I had no longer anything to lose, these situations where planning was absolutely and totally non-practical and not to say unequivocally overrated and did I survive?

When facing the unknown, facing disaster, the more you plan, the more you plan, the more you prepare; the more you are facing certain death. There are no revenues coming in and, the longer you plan and prepare, the more certain someone will beat you to the punch introducing your great idea to the world before you or beating you to the finish line getting the job that you are so desperately trying to get.

Unless you have enough money in the bank to allow you to survive while you are thinking or need tens of millions to get underway, a full-blown business plan does not make any sense. Roll up your sleeves, define your niche, embrace hard work, act your way into learning and take a first step toward your goal. Pause and repeat building that learning into your next step and walk your way up.

What do you have to lose?


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.


Good Fortune is the most elusive part of Success

First, realize that people do not care about you as much as you think they might and that the people who truly care about you are not interested in your accomplishments and possessions. They are interested in you. When you find people who really care about you, do everything you can to hold onto them; they are your most precious assets, they will be your foundation.

Arranging your life around money will never bring you success. Focus on people who you care about, people who care about you, on your passion. Figure out what elicits certain responses from people, and you will be better able to favorably influence others in your favor. When you know how to speak to change someone’s mind, to instill confidence in someone, to quiet the fears of a child, then you will know firsthand what real power is all about.

Prepare for the unexpected and whatever your passion is, always make sure to fully understand the way things are working. While doing this, always keep up in mind that no amount of knowledge can prepare you for chaos that will inevitably hit you one day. Just always make sure to have a Plan B; you cannot let events and others define or tell you who you are.

Today, to become successful, there is no shortcut; you have to outperform the other guy, you have to outperform the competition. Always go beyond what is required and, when you will reach the top, start competing compete with yourself. Meantime, be self-aware. If you can see yourself the way others see you, you will be able to work with and get along with others more easily.

You want to move along and differentiate yourself from others, just remember that biases always affect everything you do. Your worldview works its way into every decision you make. If you know your biases, you can minimize acting selfishly and do what is right for the situation. Living in the present will keep you focused. Accept that the past cannot be changed, and everyday that goes by, make the most of what is in front of you.

Except for errands and petty tasks, do not surround yourself with “yes-men”; avoid them as much as possible. Only people who are very different from you can benefit you and enrich your life by providing new perspectives and learning experiences. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will not only limit your creativity, it will impair it by denying you of all form of possible challenges.

Keep an open mind and if possible, travel and travel even more. Not only will it expose you to other ways of thinking, of living or doing things, it will also provide you with new perspectives on life, it will take you out of your comfort zone and allow you to challenge your own personal beliefs. Never take anything for granted. It is important to keep taking risks to investigate all possibilities until you find your passion.

Take care of your health and protect your reputation. You cannot focus on being successful if you are continually indulging your vices or ignoring health problems that are the potential cause of all your possible setbacks. Above everything else, your reputation must be protected. Guard your reputation; make it your first priority to be honest, reliable, and kind, and others will notice and reward you with their trust.

Control yourself; always stay in control of your emotions. Anger or panic should never impair decision-making process; a knee-jerk reaction can destroy a lifetime of efforts and work in one moment. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Strangers and loved ones alike will always hurt and disappoint you in some way; this is a fact of life. React accordingly, react appropriately but never hold grudges.

Life is short and we live in a world much bigger than ourselves. There is a lot we do not know, a lot you do not know. Nobody knows everything. Always seek the greater purpose. Think strategically. Think systemically. Use a sense of urgency to make the most of your time. If there is a task you can delegate to someone better suited for it, then do it. If there is a discussion about something you are not sufficiently knowledgeable about, resist the urge to jump in. Be honest with yourself. If you are to grow as a person, it is important to see unpleasant things for what they are.

Success is a choice; your choice. Success is a decision; your decision. Choosing to be successful and optimistic, regardless of the situation, yields more happiness than negativity. Everyone is afraid of failing; everyone hurts somehow. Nothing is perfect in this world and truthfully enough, unlike in the movies, the good guys do not always win.The successful ones know how to accept their fears and keep anxiety from restraining them.

Good fortune is the most elusive aspect of success; only confidence in yourself will take you places. Believe in yourself and be kind to everyone. People will believe and trust you; they will reward you with their trust.

Moving forward is the key to success.


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.

Not thinker

Spending too much time thinking without taking action! That is definitely not strategic thinking.

“Strategic thinking is about prioritizing tasks and decisions and executing on them well. Unfortunately, too many business leaders often have the wrong idea about the concept.”

Strategic thinking is about managing what to do and, what not to do. Usually, it simply means deciding to move some initiatives to the back burner to concentrate the bulk of your resources in a single key area or issue. While productivity is about “getting things done”, strategic thinking is about “getting the right things done” and this, as well as possible. This implies and, most than often, requires that some things will necessary have to be left undone. Productivity is everything about volume while strategic thinking is anything and everything about excellence. Without appropriate strategic thinking, productivity is meaningless.

For a manager, “labeling” things that are important and not important is essentially and nearly an impossible task. Every project that people are working on, this project is somehow “important” to them. For every one of their promoters, in some vague way, these projects all add some kind of value to the enterprise. The strategic leaders must consciously table some important projects or ignore some important opportunities to focus on the relevant issue at hand. Being strategic is to be able to decide which project will contribute most to the company’s mission, and focus on that project. Completing “important” projects on a first-come, first-served basis is not what we call being strategic.

Yes indeed, strategic thinking is something of an incongruity, because the term is missing the most important part of the concept: “Strategic Action.” Strategic thinking involves that thinking always must be followed by a decision that can be executed. “Strategic Thinking” must always yield and lead to “Strategic Action.” In spite of the uncertainty, the complexity or even the ever-present possibility of failure, a strategic leader and thinker must eventually step up to the plate and make the call about what is to be or not to be focus on.


Michel Ouellette JMD [] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.