The Obama Paradoxicality and Complexity


“What do I do next?”

EDITORIAL – Sometimes he will professed ignorance, some other times he will professed support; he will always talk but rarely act. Sometimes he uses his office aggressively; other times he looks unacquainted with the work of his own administration. This is governing the Obama way, governing à la carte, governing to please the crowds and look good: Say what the people say, agree with everyone, sit down and relax.

Obama has been willing to push the bounds of executive power when it comes to making life-and-death decisions about drone strikes on suspected terrorists or instituting new greenhouse gas emission standards for cars. But at many other times he has been shying away. On deportations of illegal immigrants, he first said he didn’t have the authority only to eventually gave in after months of public protest and private pressure from immigrant and Hispanic advocates, granting relief to certain people who had been brought to the United States as children. In key moments, Obama often opted against power plays. In the 2011 debt-ceiling fight, Obama ruled out unilaterally raising the country’s borrowing limit.

What else can you expect from arrogance and vanity. Leading the Obama way is leading from behind. This is the arrogance of power. I did not know; I was not told; I strongly oppose; I strongly support; they will have to pay for it; there are options; don’t argue with me; I am always right; yes we can; no I won’t. Leading the Obama way is leading without action, leading in inaction, leading by confusion and above and over everything else leading absolutely nowhere.

Obama’s sometimes-yes, sometimes-no approach can give the appearance that he’s all over the map but you will always find some to say his approach is deliberate and coherent: on national security, he exercises power to keep the country safe, whereas on domestic issues, he acts strategically on a case-by-case basis. For some others, Obama is deeply concerned both that his office . . . never violate its primary duty to abide by the Constitution’s checks and balances and that he nonetheless exercise those powers to the limit as needed to protect the nation and its people.

Obama came into office promising to rein in what he charged were frequent overreaches of executive authority by George W. Bush’s administration. He vowed to strive for non-ideological, bipartisan solutions to problems. In practice, Obama followed Bush’s lead when it came to executive power in fighting terrorism and other areas. His administration invoked the state-secrets privilege to avoid disclosing information when challenged in court, and Obama asserted executive privilege to withhold information from Congress amid questions about the Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation. He adopted a more aggressive stance on domestic policy after Republicans won control of the House in 2010, directing staff to look for ways to use administrative actions as end runs around a polarized Congress.

Obama’s advisers said the president thinks about executive power strategically and is willing to exert it fully — such as on environmental regulation — if doing so helps him move past obstacles on Capitol Hill and achieve specific objectives. “The president is always looking for ways to use his executive authority to advance his policy agenda,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said. The only downside to this Obama way of governing is that he is seen as inconsistent or weak, and absolutely inconsistent and unpredictable.


Bashar to Obama: “Why don’t you shut up and just mind your own business … ”


No luck Tayyip Erdogan

WASHINGTON – Like my 5 years old would say, “I guess Mr. Barack received the message from Mr. Al-Assad: Why don’t you shut up and just mind your own business … you are so full of hot air!”

Taking a cautious line at a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, Obama said yesterday he reserved the right to resort to both diplomatic and military options to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but insisted that U.S. action alone would not be enough to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Erdogan had been expected to push Obama, at least in private, for more assertive action but Obama made no mention of deeper engagement. “What we have to do is apply steady international pressure,” Obama said.

Earlier on Thursday, Turkish President Abdullah Gul criticized the world’s response on Syria as limited to “rhetoric”. Turkey has been one of Assad’s fiercest critics, throwing its weight behind the uprising, allowing the rebels to organize on its soil and sheltering 400,000 refugees.


Obama into damage control mode


Obama shooting back at criticisms

THE WHITE HOUSE – Wednesday May 15, 2013, the White House acknowledged the rising political dangers of the mushrooming Obama’s administration scandals. In a tumultuous few hours, the administration moved forcefully to counter criticism of its handling of the deadly attacks of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, the seizure of the Associated Press reporters’ phone records in a Justice Department leak investigation, and the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative patriots and Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. In his most aggressive response, Obama announced that the acting IRS commissioner had handed down his resignation.

Days of deflecting blame by the president had sparked criticism on his willingness to accept any kind of responsibility for his own failures, and his usual way of avoiding any kind of blame by always pointing the fingers in somebody else’s direction. Now facing increasing criticism, Obama, known for his deliberative style and an aversion to overreacting that often push him into inaction, decided yesterday that it was time to fight back.

Appearing at the White House, he said the administration had forced the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and he strongly condemned the agency’s apparent targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny. He promised to cooperate with Congress in an investigation. Obama’s appearance came shortly after the White House released a series of emails detailing discussions about the now famous “talking points” memos that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice used when discussing the September 11, 2012, attacks by Islamic militants on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Hoping to defuse criticism about the secret seizure of phone records from Associated Press journalists, the administration sought to revive a 2009 media shield bill sponsored by Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York. The bill would give federal protection to reporters who decline to reveal their confidential sources, but would also allow national security needs to outweigh those journalists’ rights.

Nobody including Obama himself shall expect this White House response to put an end to the controversies, but it shows the president willingness to openly face its potential political fallout. With congressional elections approaching in 2014, there is no other open option for Obama; any longstanding political damage can show on the Democrats’ efforts to maintain control of the Senate and retake the majority in the House. Immediate political damage control counter measures may well be appropriate but without further evidence of wrongdoing that traces directly to the White House, the three scandals may not resonate widely with voters over the long-term.

Personally, I would not expect too much from all of this window dressing nonsense.


Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Columnist, Novelist, and Futurist


Obama under fire over civil liberties


Barack Obama under fire 

WASHINGTON – As the United States of America president for the last 4-1/2 years, Obama has faced accusation after accusation of impinging on civil liberties, disappointing his liberal Democratic base and providing fodder for rival Republicans as he deals with the realities of office.

When he took office in 2009, Obama promised to close the Guantanamo camp but it remains open. Today, Obama says he will revisit that pledge and blames Congress for blocking his plan. Under his presidency, we have seen aerial drone strikes abroad, in places such as Pakistan and Yemen. We have seen repeated seizure of journalists’ files and phone records.

Even though there were reasons to think Obama would have been different from some of his predecessors, because of his background and because of what he said during the electoral campaign, we have to realize he his no different from some presidents like George W. or Nixon when it comes to balancing national security and individual liberties issues.

Obama is no Clinton and no Kennedy and his marketing and preaching approach of the presidency will never make up for his mistakes. Obama is now facing the realities of being president. When he won his place as the first African-American in the White House, many Americans applauded another advance in the country’s long civil rights movement. Since then, while Obama is still trying to present himself as a progressive Democrat, he has not been very successful at representing himself as a fiery civil libertarian. Under his presidency, there has been a constant effort from the Obama’s administration to control the message.

Even though Hilary would have been a better president than Obama and the fact that Sarah could not have done worse, whatever the situation, compared to the abuse of the George W. Bush-era, the Watergate scandal during Richard Nixon’s administration and the Iran-contra controversy during Ronald Reagan’s years, we still in the minor-abuse league.

Lets see, what will happen next.


Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Columnist, Novelist, and Futurist


Obama, a president without leadership

Obama official Portrait

Barack Obama

Nearly five months second term, none of his projects from his first mandate have been completed and he has already lost control of his second term agenda, if he ever had one in the first place. His future as a comedian is more promising than his political career.

Much rhetoric and not very much action, Obama seems to suffer from an incurable form of verbal diarrhea. Maybe, like he already suggested, he should just pack up and go home. Many now tend to believe him when he says that his job is very difficult: intelligence sharing “this is hard stuff”, closing Guantanamo “It’s a hard case to make”, Republican governors blocking his health-care law’s implementation “that makes it harder” and responding in Syria “it is a difficult problem” he says.

Well Mister president, if you cannot stand the heat, maybe it is time for you to step out of the kitchen, what I believe you have already done.


Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Columnist, Novelist, and Futurist


Obama: We do not have any business in Syria!


Barack Obama

US president Barack Obama said on Friday he does not foresee a scenario in which he would send US troops to Syria. However, if Syria is found to have used chemical weapons, he will be considering sending lethal aid to Syrian rebels he said, before adding: any additional steps taken by the United States, will be based on the facts on the ground in Syria and what is in the best interests of the American people and US national security. He also stressed out that he would not be pressured prematurely into a deeper intervention into Syria.

A New York Times/CBS News poll released last Tuesday found that 62 percent of Americans believe the United States has no responsibility to do anything about the fighting between Assad’s forces and anti-government rebels confirming my opinion and most certainly Obama’s opinion that the USA does not have any interest or business whatsoever in the Syrian conflict. This is the only reason why Obama has repeatedly shied away from any other than diplomatic US involvement in the Syrian conflict. This is Obama, a lot of hot air, a lot of showmanship and very little if no action.

Yes indeed, Obama will either go down in history has one of the most indecisive or most clever president the United States never had. No matter the judgment of time, his presidency is and will stay one of a lot of hot air and very little action.


Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Columnist, Novelist, and Futurist


North Korea getting ready for April 25

North Korea

April 25, a new possible date for a North Korean missile lunch test

South Korean report says Pyongyang has moved two launchers to its east coast in preparation for expected missile test.

Expectations had been high that Pyongyang would carry out a test to coincide with celebrations marking the birth of North Korea’s late founding leader Kim Il-Sung on April 15 but it did not materialise. April 25 could be another possible date for a missile test launch. This date coincides with the founding anniversary of the North’s military.

Even though the US President Barack Obama has expressed doubt over the North’s capabilities of Pyongyang to arm a missile with a nuclear warhead, the Musudan missile (seen as most likely to be tested), has an estimated range of 2,500km to 4,000km. This is enough to reach South Korea, Japan and potentially the United States military bases on the Pacific island of Guam.

North Korea had offered the United States and South Korea a list of conditions on Thursday for disarmament talks, including the lifting of UN sanctions against North Korea.

“The US should not think about the denuclearization on the peninsula before the world is denuclearised. There may be talks between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the United States for disarmament but no talks on denuclearisation,”

said the North Korea’s
state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper.

How Washington will react to the current threat is still very unclear. Somehow, somewhere, someone will have to stop playing the “My father is stronger than your father” game.

Very much childish!



Michel Ouellette JMD
Public Affairs & Communications
Author, Novelist, and Futurist


Back to the Far West


Yes! We got him! Now lets hang him!

WATERTOWN, Mass. —Boston erupts in jubilation as teen wanted in marathon bombing captured alive

“CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.” Said the Boston Police Department on Twitter.

Like the Boston police force and many others Americans, the family of Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy killed in the blast, cheered his capture: “Tonight, our community is once again safe from these two men,” the family said in a statement.

At the scene, bystanders broke into applause. From a passing SWAT truck, an officer returned the sentiment: “Thank you, it’s been a pleasure,” he said over the loudspeaker.

We have a suspect in custody,” said Timothy Alben, the head of the Massachusetts State Police. “We’re exhausted, folks. But we have a victory here tonight.

On Friday night, the Watertown’s ordeal ended with a flood of relief.

That suspect that everybody is talking about is the younger of the two Tsarnaevs brothers “believed” to have set off bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and I am very surprise from the reaction of the crowd, that they did not parade him across town attached on the hood of a car.

In a few days, even without a trial, after one being killed and one injured, while we still do not know anything about the bombing except what have been told by the FBI, the Tsarnaevs brothers already have been convicted by the press and the authorities and had somehow become a new lesson in the awful magnifying power of terrorism.

Even Obama is falling for that shit:

 “Why did young men who grew up and studied here, as part of our communities and our country, resort to such violence?” President Obama said in a statement from the White House late Friday.

Did somebody tell me that Obama has some kind of a law degree!

I  sincerely hope that this statement is out of context if not, so much for democracy and the American judicial system and lets hang him  right now!


Watertown: Retour vers le Far West


Obama: “Nous avons refermé un chapitre important de cette tragédie”

Après une gigantesque chasse à l’homme qui a transformé Boston en ville fantôme, la police a annoncé hier soir, après avoir abattu le premier suspect, avoir arrêté le jeune homme de 19 ans, soupçonné d’être le second des auteurs des attentats du marathon. “Capturé! La traque est terminée. Les recherches sont finies. La terreur est finie et la justice l’a emporté”, a écrit la police de Boston sur son compte Twitter.

 Et Obama d’en rajouter :

«Ce soir, grâce aux efforts déterminés des forces de l’ordre, nous avons refermé un chapitre important de cette tragédie. Évidemment ce soir, il y a encore beaucoup de questions sans réponse. Parmi celles-ci, pourquoi de jeunes hommes ayant grandi et étudiés ici, au sein de nos villes et de notre pays, ont eu recours à une telle violence? Comment ont-ils planifié et exécuté ces attentats? Et ont-ils reçu une aide quelconque? Les familles de ceux qui ont été tués de façon insensée méritent des réponses. Les blessés, dont certains vont devoir désormais apprendre à nouveau à se tenir debout et à marcher méritent des réponses. … Une chose est sûre, quelles qu’aient été les ambitions haineuses de ces hommes, de tels actes ne réussiront pas. Quelles que soient les choses qu’ils pensaient obtenir, ils ont déjà échoué. Ils ont échoué parce que les habitants de Boston ont refusé d’être intimidés. Ils ont échoué parce que les Américains refusent d’être terrorisés. »

Pour un juriste, pas très fort !

Si ceci n’est pas un lynchage en règle, je ne sais pas de quoi il s’agit.

J’espère que ces propos ont été rapportés hors contexte !



The decline and fall of the American Empire

It all starts here!

Barack Obama lost 10 million voters between 2008 and 2012 and the Americans clearly did not reward Obama for his lifetime achievement. Mitt Romney’s mishaps and Sandy got him reelected.

Barack Obama is clearly one of the worst presidents the United States of America ever had and a sure recipe for disaster. And yet he is now charged with overseeing and possibly imposing some of the most economically damaging policy options in U.S. history that could affect negatively the rest of the world.

Mitt Romney was right on one thing: the economic policies Obama supports did nothing good for the USA and the general economy of the free world.

Four more years, says Obama.