Six Good Reasons Not to Hire A Business Consultant

The “Megalomania Syndrome”: A delusional mental illness that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur.

You might not want to hire a business consultant or any other assistant to help you with your business: Do you suffer from overbearingness or are you simply irresponsible?

As a major player in Change Management, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Business and Corporate Strategic Systemic Planning, Regulatory Compliance and Change Management and Crisis and Reputation Management for the past 25 years, I can give you a million reasons why you should hire a business consultant to help you grow your business. But, for some reasons, you might not want to do so.

Here are six good reasons why you would not need any assistance from any business consultant or any kind of any other advocate.

First: You know it all.

You know all there is to know about business, and never hesitate or wonder if you are making the right decisions or if you going down the right path. You never worry about your future and you sleep well at night knowing the choices you made today were the right ones.

Second: You do not want to be held accountable.

You spend 100 percent of your time in the office focused on growing your business. You do not get sidetracked by staff issues or putting out fires. And you most definitely never sit in on a meeting that is a waste of your time. You complete all the items on your to-do list each and every day with time to spare. When you set your mind on a goal or project, you push it to completion with time left over.

Third: You do not want to grow your business.

You have more than enough clients and increasing your revenue is not a concern for you. Growing your business and being able to sell it or own it passively in the future is not on your priority list or something you desire. You are scared to grow because growth often means working harder and you are already working as hard as you can.

Fourth: You want to work more.

You often leave the office at the end of the day wishing you could stay longer. Your significant other and family members never get upset over you being late for dinner or missing an important social or family event. You believe you spend too much time with your friends and family, and take too many vacations each year to exotic locations. You enjoy the feeling of being needed when your employees come to you for every little problem or roadblock.

Fifth: You do not want to celebrate your victories.

You see no reason to celebrate your victories. You are never too hard on yourself. You never look at your progress on a project and see only the things that are left to do on the to-do list.

Sixth: You have it all figured out!

Yes indeed, you have it all figured out, and you do not want to share your personal challenges and weaknesses with someone who might provide you with perspective and feedback. You do not want to talk to someone that will challenge your ideas and sharpen your thinking.

And most certainly, you do not want to talk about your business with someone who will not judge you and is only there to support you.

You have it all figured out.

One last word

If these six reasons sound like you, congratulations! You do not need any assistance from anyone.

But for the remaining 99.99 percent of business owners, CEO and corporate officers that are doing their best each and every day, and wonder if they could be doing things differently to grow their business faster, a business consultant just might be a good option.

On the other hand, even if having someone to guide you through the ups and downs of business ownership is not for everyone, if these 6 reasons do not sound like you at all, do not hesitate to contact me. I am still here to help you achieving greatness.

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Why Clients Call JMD Systemics

Here is why people and businesses call JMD Systemics:

  • Our sales are down; we need to grow our customer base and be more profitable.

  • I want a better future for my organization, my family, and myself.

  • Our business wants to have a better commitment to our community and the environment.

  • We implemented changes but there are still issues between departments; customers are telling us to fix it.

  • Our company has a good future but staff keeps turning over.

  • We need to be working like a “well oiled machine” to be profitable.

  • We know we need to be in compliance in important areas of our business but we’re too busy to make the changes.

  • We have a vision and mission but it doesn’t seem to do anything for our business.

  • We’ve gone through change but didn’t look at roles & responsibilities. There’s confusion about who does what.

  • There are trends that we need to plan for. How do we include them in our planning?

  • We hold quarterly meetings and provide updates but we continue to miss our targets.

  • I’m an entrepreneur and had a great year last year. This year I’m not doing as well.

  • We try to plan our time properly and still feel pulled and stressed.

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Outpacing Change

Fence-sitting is no longer an option. To stay competitive, you must outpace change.

Simply managing the status quo is no longer acceptable. True leaders constantly position themselves to boldly guide their organizations into change. They think big and make great things happen in almost any circumstance.

“When the rate of change outside is more than what it is inside, be sure that the end is near.”

To win today, individuals and organizations must be able to change internally faster and more dynamically than the speed and magnitude of external change and, to win tomorrow, they must create internal change capacity and capability faster than the rate of change projected to happen externally.

Irrelevance, and even extinction, is inevitable when leaders fail to heed age of disruption principles.

Thinking bigger

As the world continues to spin at a faster rate, it will throw off problems and opportunities at a higher rate and in every nook and cranny of the globe. It is the leader who will identify these problems and opportunities, surround himself with great talent and move forward with disruptive visions that will completely alter the landscape.

Whatever you are thinking, think bigger.

Choosing your strategy

We suggest that the change-before-you-have-to approach is a better strategy than the change-because-you-have-to philosophy. Today’s global leaders and organizations would be wise to disrupt rather than be disrupted.

Care-taking no longer is a viable option.

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Michel Ouellette / Joseph Michael Dennis, is a former attorney, a Trial Scientist, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert,

a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense and Free Speech.

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