Warrior for Common Sense #fightback

Our society has become an overprotective mother.

Overprotecting people reduce their competence and this, associated with a kind of social immaturity is one of the major pathologies of our present days culture.

More and more people are now relying solely on the News Media and the Web, without questioning the facts, to validate their action and pathological societal disorders.

We are living a psychological epidemic

Today, thanks to the web and the news media allowing all the “sick” people and marginal groups of this world to validate their being and way of life, we are now living in a society of self-diagnosed individuals and collectives multiplying and glorifying their immoral and asocial pathologies.

Being a straight, moral and intelligent person is no longer the norm. By simply finding all sorts of people who act and think like them, people suffering from borderline personality disorders or merely acting like total assholes are now justifying their own existence and behavior.

More and more people and minority groups, are now justifying their immoral, amoral and depraved conduct and way of life only and simply because they now feel that they are not alone. We now live in a society of self-diagnosed people multiplying and glorifying immoral pathologies.

Being a victim, a member of whatever minority, feeling like being harassed, oppressed and persecuted, blaming everyone else other than ourselves for our condition, throwing rocks at everyone instead of empowering ourselves is the new norm.

It is time to fight back

When being the most oppressed victim gives you the highest status, then it’s a race to the bottom.

When the regular straight and moral and more than often white guy becomes the new minority, we definitely have a serious societal problem.

Throwing rocks at everyone, every institution and in every window that you come across will never solve any problem. On the contrary! Such an attitude is only creating more problems, exacerbating people and public opinion.

Our society has become this overprotective mother and playing the victim card with the highest degree of status is really bad omen.

For everyone that is now wrongly and unjustly lapidated on the public place, it is now time to stand up and fight back.



 J. Michael Dennis is a former attorney, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert, a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense & Free Speech.

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