Tomorrow Starts Today 


A major shift in civilizations is about to happen.

Although from a scientific point of view that most doomsday scenario are mostly unlikely for the near future, there are worldwide signs all over the planet indicating that earth and mankind are now experiencing major changes: a major shift in civilizations is about to happen that started one hundred years ago.

Since the origins of man, many societies have been ruled by religious and spiritual beliefs and, all over the world, for years and years, the Apocalypse, the end of the word has been predicted. It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist or a spiritual leader to predict that one day, this earth is going to die.

All planets die one day and, when this will happen, if there are still men on earth, they will also die. This will be the end of the world, as we know it but certainly not the end of the universe. New planets are born every day and the universe is still expanding. But what about a possible global disaster that may happen in our days that could means the near extinction of man on earth?

History, science, studies and researches teach us that in the past, entire highly developed populations and civilizations suddenly disappeared from the surface of the planet on behalf of natural, biological disasters and human behaviors. Entire species disappeared from the surface of the planet in a very short time period, even in minutes and all of this, without any warning.

If this happen in the past, why can it not happen today?









The Latest Apocalyptic Prophecy


Beware of the false prophets!
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

First, what is a Lunar Tetrad? 

Four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of the lunar eclipses separated one from the other by six lunar months or six full moons!

Kazunori Nagamatsu Touken, Mark Blitz, John Hagee and Co.

The Japanese Tendo Sect is predicting the “End of the World” to happen any time between today and June 2014.

Two Christians pastors, Mark Blitz and John Hagee are predicting the “Second Coming of Christ” to happen around the same date and, the “Last Judgment Day to happen somewhere in 2015. 

For the year 2014-2015, NASA and astronomers are predicting a natural recurring natural astrological phenomenon: a Lunar Tetrad…

The “Blood Moon” of John Hagee

In astronomy, all the full moons have names that will typically coincide with the months or seasons of the year and one of the most famous names for the moon is the “Hunter’s Moon”, the full moon immediately following the “Harvest Moon”.

People from the Northern Hemisphere of the world who, soon after sunset have the opportunity to observe this autumn full or near full moon rising often referred to the “Hunter’s Moon” as the “Blood Moon” because of her early morning brownish and reddish colors that could not be seen when observing the moon overhead. 

The apocalyptic heresy of Blitz and Hagee

Two Christian pastors, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, use the term “Blood Moon” to apply to the full moons of the upcoming lunar Tetrad of 2014-2015. Mark Blitz and John Hagee speak of the upcoming lunar Tetrad as representing a fulfillment of this alleged Biblical prophecy: “The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.” – Joel 2:31

According to our now famous and infamous lunatics, April 2014 will be a decisive time for mankind. The year 2014-205 will mark both historical and biblical events: the “Second Coming” of Christ and the “Judgment Day”. There will be apocalyptic events such as described by Daniel and John, the notorious biblical writers.

The syncretic belief of Japanese Tendo

According to the Japanese Tendo Sect, the “End of the World” or “Hakuyo” will happen on April 15, 2014.

Three prophets that will be proven wrong once again

According to the American pastors Blitz and Hagee, April 15th 2014 will not mark the “End of the World”, but the return Jesus-Christ on earth. Still according to Blitz and Hagee, on October 8, 2014 as well as on April 4 and September 28, 2015, there will be further signs to be observed in the sky [Blood moons] as testimony for the Last Judgment Day and the End of the World.

My guess is that the Tendo Sect members and their leader Kazunori Nagamatsu Touken were not fluent enough in English to fully read or understand the content of the bestseller book written by Hagee in 2013. 

Whatever, Let’s pray the Lord and ask the “Happy Bunch” for their benediction.

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” by JMD.

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Be Memorable Today, Make It Big Tomorrow!


Relationships is everything
The final countdown | by: Michel Ouellette JMD

You want to make it big today and tomorrow?  Just make sure to be memorable, just make sure to Stand Out of the Crowd!

What is it that one should one know about tomorrow, that the “End of the Word” is coming? Not likely!

The “End of the Word” as we know it? Most certainly!

Yes indeed, for whoever refuses to adapt to the changing times, the “Judgment Day” may be a lot closer than one may think. For who wants to make it, to survive and thrive in this new era of the modern that is now opening in front of us, it is truly and absolutely now time to realize that Gods, Angels and Prayers will not spare or save them or anyone, as they never did, from anything disastrous to happen. It is up to each and every one of this generation to adapt his or her mindset to the reality of this world and to start building for the future.

Don’t wait for opportunities; create them!

Believe it or not, stars don’t align; Gods and Angels are a myth, happy or lucky coincidences do not exist. It is only; as ever and more than ever, through real grit and determination, through hard work, sweat and tears, that one will you put himself or herself in a position to thrive.

If one is not willing to adapt now, one is not willing to succeed tomorrow. One is doomed to grief for the rest of his or her life, to a living hell on hearth. Inaction will not drive anyone anywhere. It is up to everyone to build his or her paradise or heaven on earth.

Believe it or not, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of what one wants to accomplish. One’s only roadblock is he or she. One, by his or her fears, by his or hers superstitions and fabulations, creates his own misery.

Kill the old “You” and resurrect “Yourself” as a new person

Empower yourself; stop relying on your good fortune, stop relying the magical, the divine and the supernatural to ensure your wellbeing. Today, believe it or not, one’s social and professional life, growth and prosperity, happiness and fulfillment is nothing about the utopian world of the mystical and sacerdotal, it is all about money, relationship, salesmanship and personal branding. Nothing else!

 Relationships is everything

If one is not young, fit and beautiful, one wants to make sure to be classy. If during a social event or a gathering, one waits for someone to come over and start a conversation, one might as well have stayed home. If one is struggling to find a job or to meet new people today, one will soon fall into oblivion. If one is struggling to find a job or to meet new people today, it is only because today, one is not being memorable.

You want to thrive tomorrow, make yourself memorable today.

To be continued…


Michel Ouellette JMD is a talented keynote and motivational speaker, public affairs & communications Strategist. For more about “Making It” in the years to come and coming soon: “Standing Out” by JMD.
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There will be no “End of the World”


Fear not the light

Lets make it clear once and for all: “There is no believable prophecy in the Book of revelation; Revelation is to prophesy and divine insight what science fiction is to reality.”

Numerous societies, including the Babylonian and Judaic, had produced apocalyptic literature and mythology, which dealt with the end of the world and of human society. The Epic of Gilgamesh, written ca. 2000–1500 BC, details a myth where the angry gods send floods to punish humanity, but the ancient hero Utnapishtim and his family is saved through the intervention of the god Ea. Later, the Epic of Gilgamesh will be edited by the Judaic authors to become the scriptural story of Noah and his Ark describing the end of a corrupt civilization and its replacement with a remade world, one of the best-known mythical and apocalyptic stories of the modern world.

The first centuries AD saw the creation of various apocalyptic works; the best known is the Book of Revelation filled with prophecies of destruction, as well as luminous visions.

In the first chapter of Revelation, the author takes it as his mission to convey, to reveal God’s kingdom. The apocalyptic story provides a beautiful vision of The Judgement Day, revealing God’s promise for redemption from suffering and strife. Revelation describes a New Heaven and a New Earth, to its intended audience, the Christians under the persecution of the Roman Empire. As for Israel before them, these Christians believed themselves to be the chosen ones.

This apocalyptic story will then be revamped by many prophets of doom claiming to be the owner of the divine decree and mandate of heaven and that the only way to save your soul and avoid death when the judgement day will come is to join their cult and missionize the world.

How should one look at the book of Revelation?

Apocalyptic literature is nothing else then a genre of prophetical intended to brainwash and scare people into joining a religion or a cult; a literature genre first developed in the alleged post-Exilic Jewish-culture that later became very popular among millennialist early Christians. Today many religious cults and organizations are still pretending to the reality of the Book of Revelation to get to the people and their savings.

“Apocalypse” [Ἀποκάλυψις] is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.” As a literature genre, apocalyptic literature details the authors’ visions of the end times as allegedly revealed by a so called god, an heavenly messenger or so called angel or spirit.

The apocalyptic literature of Judaism and early Christianity embracing a considerable period of time, from the centuries following the so-called Exile of the Jewish people from Egypt down to the close of the Middle Ages, is a literary genre pretending to foretell supernaturally inspired cataclysmic events that will transpire at the end of the world. A product of the Judeo-Christian tradition, apocalyptic literature is inevitably, [for evident credibility reasons], characteristically pseudonymous. This way, no information being available on the fictive author name, nobody can challenge the credibility of the tale and its author. The Apocalyptic piece of literature will always be in narrative form, will always employs esoteric language, express a very pessimistic view of the present, and inevitably treats the final events as imminent.

The earliest apocalypses are Jewish works that date from about 200 BCE to about 165 BCE and the latest ones are works originating from Chinese and Japanese sects develop after the second World War. In Japan alone, there are 41,000 religious and spiritual sects pretending to an imminent end of the world. In the western world everyone knows the pretentions of the Mormons or the Jehovah Witnesses and lately of Pastors Mark Biltz and John Hagee and one hundred nineteen other Ministries [including one Japanese religious and spiritual Sect], pretending that the Great Tribulation started this fall of 2013; that signs will be visible in the sky on April 15 and September 8 of 2014 and that the second coming of Christ and the end of the world is to happen somewhere in 2015.

How much of that bull can one take?

While the earlier Jewish writers or whatever Jewish Prophets, have foretold the coming of world wide or localized disasters, they never placed these events in a narrative framework nor conceived of them in eschatological terms. It is only during the time of the Hellenistic domination of Palestine and the revolt of the Maccabees that a pessimistic view of the present became coupled with an expectation of an apocalyptic scenario characterized by an imminent crisis, a universal judgment, and a supernatural resolution.

The most famous and influential of the early Jewish apocalypses is the last part of the biblical Book of Daniel written about 167 BCE and attributed to a revered wise man that supposedly lived some four centuries earlier at the time of the Babylonian captivity. “Daniel” recounts a series of visions, the first of which is the most succinct. He sees a succession of four terrible beasts, evidently representing a succession of earthly persecutors culminating in the contemporary Hellenistic tyrant Antiochus IV Epiphanes (the “eleventh horn” of the fourth beast). Daniel then sees the destruction of the last beast by the “Ancient of Days” and the coming of “one like the Son of Man,” to whom is given “everlasting dominion that shall not pass away” and whose kingdom will be inhabited by “the people of the saints,” who will forever serve and obey him.

The other Jewish apocalypses, the first Book of Enoch [c. 200 BCE], the fourth Book of Ezra [c. 100 CE], and the second and third Books of Baruch [c. 100 CE], are “apocryphal” insofar as they do not belong to the canonical Hebrew Bible. They are extant in Ethiopic, Syriac, Greek, and Latin translations made by Christians rather than in their original Hebrew or Aramaic forms. The reason that the apocalypses survived in this manner being that, after the failure of a series of Jewish revolts against the Roman Empire, after about 135 CE, the rabbis who began the process of codifying the Jewish tradition turned away from apocalypticism to an emphasis on upholding and interpreting the law of the Pentateuch. Unfortunately, however, while Jewish apocalypticism was still flourishing, it was taken up and edited to suit their own purposes by Christians.

Most authorities regard early Christianity as a fervently apocalyptic religion, intent on the imminent “Second Coming” of Christ to preside over the Last Judgment and the end of the world. Early Christian apocalypticism is evident in the Gospels, which are permeated with language taken from Daniel. The so-called Little Apocalypse, a sermon by Jesus found in Matthew with parallels in Mark and Luke, foretells the imminence of collective tribulation and chastisement before the coming of the “Son of Man” who will “sit upon the throne of his glory” and separate “the sheep from the goats.” Some Pauline epistles also contain apocalyptic content. The last book of the New Testament, Revelation concludes canonical Christian scripture on an apocalyptic note. Written in Asia Minor about 95 CE by a Christian named John, Revelation offers a vibrant, sometimes colorful, account of imminent crisis, judgment, and salvation. Evidently obsessed by the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire, which he refers to as “Babylon,” John recounts a series of visions that foretell a crescendo of persecutions and martyrdoms followed by universal judgment, retribution for the forces of evil, and rewards for the faithful.


Whatever the origins of the apocalyptic work, its details are more then often impenetrable because of the compulsive use of an esoteric allusive language that is not making any sense except for the author of such work. Moreover, Moreover, because the events are so repetitive, the narrative is always and always will be bewildering. Nevertheless, the intent of the writer cannot be ignored: the hallucinogenic imagery is easily engraved in the mind of the reader, and the mysteries found in the text have proved endlessly fascinating if not scary. Nor can there be any doubt of the ultimate intended message: the world, which is already suffering, will soon be washed in blood, but the “King of Kings” will come to “tread the winepress of the wrath of God,” and everlasting rewards will be given to those who have “washed their robes in the blood of the lamb.”

A number of other Christian apocalypses were written during the period between 100 and 400 CE, including the Apocalypse of Peter, the Apocalypse of Paul, the Ascension of Isaiah, and the Testament of Abraham. Although these works adhere to apocalyptic form in recounting supernatural visions pseudonymously in esoteric language, they refer to an individual’s rather than to a collective salvation. For many scholars and less naïve believers, they believed in a non-apocalyptic Last Judgment and started insisting on the fact that the time of the last act of history of mankind was utterly uncertain. Nevertheless beliefs inherited from Daniel and Revelation permitted the survival of apocalyptic thinking in the Middle Ages and led to the creation of new apocalyptic works, such as the Revelations of Pseudo-Methodius in the mid century) and the Vision of Brother John later in the thirteenth   century. Many medieval authors also wrote pseudonymous prophecies foretelling about imminent crisis, judgment, and salvation.

Although the apocalyptic genre disappeared after the Middle Ages, because of the more and more frequent conflicts emerging in the world at the end of the 18th century, starting around 1843, an apocalyptic mood, reinforced by explicit references to the Book of Revelation, appears in numerous modern literary works between 1930 and 1959. Moreover, in the same period, several Protestant denominations in the United States and East Asian denominations, started to propound apocalyptic faiths and beliefs, describing apocalyptic events in sufficiently descriptive, colourful and violent terms, to achieve phenomenal popularity and monetary success.

No, Nobody needs to belong to any religion or cult to become a better person. 2014 will not be the year of the end of the world but rather the year of the early global awakening of the people of the world 2014 will be the year of the end of this era of total nonsense and bull of the authoritarian clerical economical and political; the end of all of this pseudo intellectual, spiritual, mystical, religious, political and economical mental masturbation. 2014 will be the year of the proper and the ethical.

Stop praying and start acting.

To be continued…


About the Winter Solstice


The sun rises behind the Temple of Karnak Temple during the alignment of the winter solstice sunrise to the temple in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor on December 21.

December 21st 2013  | LUXOR, EGYPT

The event marks the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere


A year has passed since the great Mayan apocalypse of 2012; we are all still here and the winter solstice, one more time, is again upon us.

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year for dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day of the year for those south of the equator. Darkness cast a great shadow over the Northern Hemisphere and the sun halt its orbit and change paths, eventually moving northward and inching toward more sunlight for those of us in the north.

The winter solstice always occurs at a specific time, not just day. This year, it was at 12:11 p.m. EST on Saturday, December 21 that the he sun shone directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. The farthest south the sun reached, the colder the temperatures in the north. In the Southern Hemisphere, it was the longest day of the year.

Several centuries ago, the Christian church tied the birth of Jesus Christ, to the Roman holiday “Dies Natalis Solis Invictus” [The Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun], where the “Solar disk” stops its run in heaven for three days before rising high again in the sky reversing its course. As for the Romans, the Christians and the Egyptians a long time before them and many other Ancient cultures, the winter solstice serves a turning point in in their spiritual and religious beliefs, which is why it was tied to the Mayan apocalypse scare that marked the end of the calendar and to some believers, the end of the world.

This year, North America has seen nine hours and thirty-two minutes of daylight during the solstice, and fourteen hours and twenty-eight minutes of nighttime. But the winter solstice doesn’t always happen at the same time. Next year northern dwellers can expect the solstice at 11:03 p.m. and in 2015 it will occur on December twenty-second. This is to say that the sun will die on the twenty-second day of December only to resurrect three days later on December twenty-fifth. And since the beginning of times, this is this eternal cycle that the twelve constellations of our solar system, the twelve apostles of the sun, of the solar disk have been witnessing year after year.

To be continued…


June 2013, The Beginning of a New Era


June 2013, the beginning of a new era

Although from a scientific point of view that most doomsday scenario are mostly unlikely for the near future, there are worldwide signs all over the planet indicating that earth and mankind is now experiencing major changes, a major shift in civilizations is about to happen.

Since the origins of man, many societies especially have been ruled by religious and spiritual belief and all over the world, for years and years, the Apocalypse has been predicted.

It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist or a spiritual leader to predict that one day, this earth is going to die. All planets die one day and, when this will happen, if there are still men on earth, they will also die. This will be the end of the world, as we know it but certainly not the end of the universe. New planets are born everyday and the universe is still in expansion.

But, what about a possible global disaster that may happen in our days that could means the near extinction of man on earth?

History, science, studies and researches teach us that in the past, entire highly developed populations and civilizations suddenly disappeared from the surface of the planet on behalf of natural disasters. Entire species disappeared from the surface of the planet in a very short time period, even in minutes and all of this, without any warning. If this happen in the past, why can it not happen today?

An easy answer would be to say that with all the scientific equipment that we have around the world and in space, if there was something to happen, something to hit us we would see it coming days, weeks, months if not year in advance.

How arrogant and presumptuous!

What is worrying me is not what we know; it is what we do not know. Three thousand years ago, Egyptians were performing knee surgery, they were building pyramids and temples with unsurpassed, almost surgical, engineering and mathematical precision; two thousand years ago, Romans were building aqueducts, roads, amphitheaters…  What about the Babylonians and the days before?

What did they know that we do not know?

For most of them, most of these lost civilizations; they disappeared because of human wicked behavior and for most of them, they predicted that this was to happen again to the future for future generations and it did happen and, it will happen again.

Over the centuries, because of natural disasters and cataclysms, because of wars or human nature, we lost a lot of information and knowledge and a lot of the remaining information has often been locked or hidden in obscure vaults of the rich and powerful or a select few and even today, we are still wondering how they could have done it. Some would even pretend that aliens assisted them.

Today, to pretend that humanity is not going to be hit by a global disaster is foolishness. Today, because of our communication networks, because of the way we communicate and interact with everyone and every nation of the world, everything that we do on a local basis has an immediate impact or consequences on the rest of the planet. Changes that were taking days, weeks, months and year to happen now happen instantly. Everything that we do anywhere on the planet take global proportions.

Even though we know that are not going to be hit by a giant meteor tomorrow morning, even though we know that we are not going to be hit by a disastrous solar kill shot in the days to come, there is absolutely no guarantee that we are not going to be hit by a major volcanic eruption somewhere, by major earthquakes, by the inevitable tsunamis to follow, by major hurricanes or tornadoes or any other major surprise that mother nature may have in store for us. What about these possible men made events and disasters that can cause an entire population or civilization to vanish or disappear? Look at the Mayas, the Holocaust, and The North American natives, Syrians …

Whatever the predictions and the situation may be, we are living in times and days indicating that major events are to happen that will directly impact the life of many if not everyone on the planet. The signs are there and the date is June 2013.


If not North Korea, Who and When?



Various scientific scenarios have been theorized on an eventual doomsday.

1. – An asteroid or comet’s collision with Earth.

Such an event although very improbable for the next few years, happened in the past and will happen again.

Given that the asteroid or comet is big enough, an applicable scenario predicts a chemical change in the atmosphere due to “heat shock” produced by the entry in the atmosphere and impact on earth of the asteroid or comet. Such chemical change would involve the production of nitric-acid rains, the bitterness produced by the Biblical prediction of the Wormwood Star upon a third of the Earth’s potable water.

2. – Is the earth pole shift theory possible?

If a large enough comet or asteroid falls on Earth to produce acid rains, the consequences of such and event will include earthquakes, tsunamis and massive destruction of populations that could mean the “End of Times”. But what about an Earth pole shift?

As a matter of fact, the magnetic field of the Earth has actually switched its direction many times during Earth’s history. This can be verified from geologic records indicating that the Lava flows that have solidified 30,000 years ago are evidence that the magnetic field of the earth was in the opposite direction at that time. The same geologic records show that such a reversal could possibly take less than 100 years.

One effect that may occur during a magnetic reversal is that the Earth may not be protected from charged particles streaming from the sun. These particles are called the “solar wind“, and could be dangerous to life if they reached the Earth’s surface. Solar wind energy can also cause “space plasma storms”, that could cause communication satellites and electronic equipment and instrumentation to fail. Such plasma storms can also cause damage to electric power systems on the surface of the Earth. A large space storm in 1989 made currents on the ground that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec electric power system. This prevented 6 million people in Canada and the US from having electricity for over 9 hours.

3. –What about a “man made” apocalyptic disaster?

Do I really have to answer to this one?

We have civil and religious wars going all around the world, economic and political conflicts, poverty and misery, all over the world. The only question is who would be crazy enough to draw first blood.

Bashar Al Assad? Benjamin Netanyahu? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Kim Jong-un? Vladimir Putin? Barack Obama? Any one of these men or any country that owns the nuclear technology can trigger a sequence of events of apocalyptic dimensions that would fit all the biblical and prophetic description of the end of the world.



The Mayan Calendar Prediction: Three days left to the end…


Three days left to the end….

Do we really have a few days left before an apocalyptic end-of-days descends upon us all on December 21?

A fate foretold by ancient misinterpreted hieroglyphs and perpetuated by many doomsday believers, the Mayan doomsday prophecy only represents the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.


Is it true that the planets will align come December 21 and we are all doomed?


There are no planetary alignments in the next few decades and even if these alignments were to occur, their effects on the Earth would be negligible. One major alignment occurred in 1962, for example, and two others happened during 1982 and 2000. Each December the Earth and Sun align with the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence.”


Does the Mayan calendar really end in December 2012?


Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then — just as our calendar begins again on January 1 — another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.

Enough of all this nonsense!


Six days to go: The Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar Real McCoy

The Mayan Calendar

The ancient Mayan calendar ends in six days causing mixed reactions all over the world, as some believe it may mean the end of the world and civilization.

As the end of the ancient Mayan calendar just means that humanity is about to embark on a new era, thousands are now flocking in Mexico and Central America to celebrate and welcome the “End Of The World” predicted, as many believe, to happen on December 21.

Years ago, hieroglyphs of a “Doomsday” prophecy found at an ancient Mayan site in Tortuguero, Mexico have sparked fear in many and, since then, the “End of World” frenzy has made big money for those capitalizing on the predicted date of December 21, 2012.

While the Mayas never believed that the world would end one day, it is well engraved in most of the people, particularly in the Western world, that this will happen. The idea that the world will end soon is a very strong belief in Western cultures. Isn’t it written in the Bible?

The Mayans had a cyclical concept of time based on astrological observation, not an end of the world concept of time and were no strangers to the concept of “Galactic Alignment”.

Whatever the case may be, the date is almost here and …


The Mayan calendar reaches the end of its cycle


The Mayan Long count Calendar

Renowned for having the only fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas as well as their art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems, the Mayans lived thousands of years ago.

As part of their culture, the Mayans used a Long Count calendar. The calendar starts with the date of August 11, 3114 BC and ends on December 21, 2012 of the present era.

Despite the facts the Mayans not believing themselves that any such event would occur, this date, over the years, has generated enormous publicity, with many predicting the nearby end of the world, or a transformative event of some kind waiting to happen.

Today, the media are playing a huge role in whipping up a frenzy of speculation. From a polar reversal of the Earth, to spectacular runaway climate disaster or other cataclysm Various threats are debated; even the second coming of Christ is predicted.

My predictions:

First, none of this will happen: for one, Christ never existed and, the only reason why the Mayans stop their calendar on that specific date is that there was no more room on the stone they used to go further.

Second, close to the end of the year, we will numerous hoaxes creating further confusion and paranoia. Some people will be engaging in panic buying of food, or building shutters and barricades around their homes. Others will spend their entire life savings to enjoy one last day before the predicted end of the world.

Finally, for a small minority of troubled individuals, their belief will develop into a self-fulfilling prophecy. In their misguided certainty that the world will actually end, resorting to extreme or illegal behaviour, they will put themselves and others at risk.

While there will be a brief spike in the number of murders, rapes, accidents and suicides worldwide, for the vast majority of rational people, December 21st, 2012 will passes without incident and life will continue as normal on December 22nd.