Parler Is Off ~ Good riddance!


John Matze, Parler’s CEO: “There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on the internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch.” 

Following the Trump Washington Capitol riot of January 6, Amazon Web Services decided to cut off Parler servers. The move came after Google and Apple also banned the infamous right-wing extremist’s social app, citing a violation of terms and lack of moderation.

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud provider with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform coming in second and third place respectively and it is unclear what hosting option Parler will be able to use.

Parler’s Revival On Public Cloud Is Unlikely

Even if the right-wing social network Parler was not being rejected by every major public cloud and hosting company, it would find it almost impossible to move to another site. According to its CEO John Matze, “Parler will be back … many are competing for our business”.

Bunkum! Matze

With everything that is going on right now in the Trump’s universe and your right-wing extremists and terrorists friends, I do not see any major Public Cloud or hosting company willing to give parler a home anytime soon. You want to get back in business? You will need to build your own infrastructure from scratch.

From your own admission on Fox News, “… no one wants to work with Parler after Amazon dropped the company … Bringing Parler back up is basically impossible.”

As I understand it, this is the one and only reason why you are now suing Amazon: to have your Amazon Web Services account reinstated.

Good luck… This will never happen!

You are down for the count and so is Trump.

J. Michael Dennis

Syndicated Columnist … and other things

Fightback, Protect Your Reputation


Fightback. Join the revolution now

Lately, our right to privacy and maintaining our reputation seems to be an uphill battle.

The general disregard towards our right to protect our privacy and reputation is challenge as never before compared to any of the past generations.

Safeguarding our privacy and reputation is nothing about having something to hide. Privacy is about something to protect. Today, our reputation is who we are. That is what we believe in, what people believe in and who you want to become.

Privacy is the right to one self. It is what gives us the ability to share with the world who we are, on our own terms, for people to understand what we are trying to be. Without privacy, without a good reputation, we lose the ability to be ourselves.

The right to privacy is the source, the quintessence of all other rights.

Freedom of speech doesn’t have a lot of meaning if it is depriving us or anyone of a quiet space to decide what it is that you actually want to say or do and this last year was an unfathomable blow to the case of personal and public privacy.

People and Institutions are falling from the skies like dead flies. This is the result of a broken legal system, using the internet to destroy lives and reputations. Phones at sexual assault hotlines all over the world are ringing off the hooks, organizations are scrambling for help and media love it.

With the aggressive and increasing rapid demise of our basic rights to privacy in plain sight, it would be careless for anyone to only rely on businesses or governments to protect oneself. It is now up to each one of us to do whatever is necessary to protect our way of life and prevent anonymity in public to become a thing of the past.



 J. Michael Dennis is a former attorney, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert, a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense & Free Speech, The Ultimate Fixer helping you achieve greatness.