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What is Pheed?

Pheed is a new social media platform soft-launched on August 10, 2012 from Los Angeles, California by a group of friends from the technology and entertainment community. After only a few days of its official launch on October 12, Pheed had already hit over 350,000 unique visitors.

What is Pheed’s secret?

Think of it as Twitter, with a business plan. Pheed enables users to share all forms of digital content, including text, photo, audio, video, and live broadcasts. “Pheeders” then have the option to share for free or at a premium, either by applying a monthly subscription fee to their channel or setting up a pay-per-view live broadcast event.

Users can charge anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99 per view, or $1.99 to $34.99 per month. In both cases, the user selects their own pricing and owns all of the content. Pheed makes money by taking half of the revenue, which covers bandwidth and storage, payment processing. Whether that’s concerts from someone’s living room or studio, comedy stand-up from the kitchen, interviews on pay-per-view, or a boxing match, there is no limit to what users can do and earn.

Do I like it? Will it be a success? I don’t know yet!

For now, it’s safe to say Pheed is a site we should all keep an eye on.



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