About Kim Jong-un


Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea

Do not worry,

There will be no attack on us, no attack on China, no attack on Japan, no attack on Russia and no attack on South. Little Kim was only looking to promote his belly and baby face, to look more serious.

This guy is an international joke but in his own country he is now God, the ruler of the world.


Park Geun-hye’s Apology to North Korea


Park Geun-hye, the South Korea’s first female president

Korea, April 16, 2013

The calm over the past two days in Pyongyang has been a striking contrast to the steady flow of retaliatory threats North Korea has issued over ongoing military exercises between South Korea and the United States. No attack, nuclear missiles lunched, only new threats were issued

As a matter of facts, instead of going to war against the world, on Tuesday, North Korea threatened the South Korea with imminent “sledge-hammer” retaliation unless Seoul apologized for anti-Pyongyang protesters burning effigies of its revered leaders.

As North Korea celebrated the birth of their late founding leader Kim Il-Sung, protesters in Seoul burned portraits of Kim, his son Kim Jong-Il and grandson and current leader Kim Jong-Un. 

Condemning that “thrice-cursed… monstrous criminal act”, North Korea issued an ultimatum threatening just and immediate action if an apology was not forthcoming: 
”Our retaliatory action will start without any notice. The military demonstration… will be powerful sledgehammer blows at all hostile forces hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership” North Korea said.

As a great apology, South Korea called the North Korean ultimatum regrettable and pledged a tough response to any military provocation from the North.

Wow, what an apology!

This leads me to believe that Park Geun-hye has more balls than Little Kim.


How far is Kim Jong-un ready to go?


How crazy are you….

North Korea’s next act of defiance against  the United states could be a critical one.

If little Kim sticks to the North Korean playbook, Pyongyang will test-fire one or two missiles in the next few weeks to come. These missiles with hit the open water and then, little Kim will claim victory, sit back and enjoy. Anything else could backfire on him and it would be only the beginning of a grand finale with fireworks, all in his backyard.

Certainly not a celebration he would enjoy.