Building Systems That Preserve Knowledge

“Invest in people like they will stay forever. Build systems like they will leave tomorrow”

Someone on your team announces at the staff meeting that he or she is leaving for a new job; someone on your team is stealing from you and you have to let that person go; someone on your team suddenly dies. You are suddenly facing a health issue; you are suddenly involved in a serious accident and incapacitated for a long period of time. You simply decide to retire. You simply decide to sell your business.

When people suddenly leave, die or simply have to go, no one remembers what that person was doing or how that person was doing it. No one remembers how the company did, how the company use to deal with such and such a situation, what is the most appropriate action to deal with such and such a situation and where to find the critical information that is urgently required.

In today’s work environment, employee’s turnover is becoming more and more frequent. It is not uncommon for workers to put in only a few years before moving on. It is not uncommon for an aging business owner to decide to retire or sell is business to spend more quality time with his family and friends or even to pursue other goals. These trends, far from disappearing will only intensify in the future. Add in a revolving door of contractors and freelancers, and the whole thing may soon start get pretty messy.

In today’s economy, people are the company, people are the business. More than often, the business owners are the business. They bring in the innovations and ideas, they build the products and services, they craft the branding and marketing campaigns. When they leave, for whatever reason, it is as if they are taking a slice of the business with them. Between documents spread out on their desks, the shared drives and all these files buried in their personal desktops, all these files that may get wiped out when employees leave, the past work and information you need to access is scattered to all digital winds.

Having the right systems and right tools in place will help you bridge the gap and transitioning when employees, teammates or business partners suddenly leave for new opportunities. Having the right systems and right tools in place will help you bridge the gap and transitioning when you will decide to retire or sell your business. Having the right systems and right tools in place will help you maximizing your assets.

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Owner of, , JMD Systemics and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, J. Michael Dennis is a former attorney, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert, a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense & Free Speech, the ultimate fixer helping you achieve greatness. JMD is also a Columnist and the editor of  The Futurist Daily News , a Social and Political Blog.
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